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"Most guys would be making out with me by this point.&q

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I feel so clueless. I've been in relationships before but they have never been very physical. I've been with my GF now for over two and a half months. Recently my GF has been hinting she wants to become more physical. That's not a problem in theory, but...


My GF corrects me all the time. I don't mind at all. I'm really am not that experienced physically. She has showed me the proper way to hold and hug her and has helped me perfect my kiss. My girlfriends before her all had me as their "first" so I'm not exactly skilled.


So, the other night we came back from an awesome night out. We get to her house at about 1:30am and she says she want to hang out behind her house and talk for a bit. We sit down and she starts to snuggle up on me. After about an hour of talking and snuggling she says "You know, most guys would be totally making out at me by this point." Later she is stroking my arm and asks "What do you think about when I do this?" I ask "You sound like your fishing for an answer" She replies "I am." I didn't know what to say. When I left later at 4 after saying goodbye she smiles and says "Your so innocent compared to me. Im not used to that. I think it means more when you wait."


Sooo, I feel really bad and sort of confused. I want to give her what she wants but I don't know how. I told her that I don't know how to do much more than kiss. She just smiles and says she is no expert herself but can teach me. So I dunno. I would attempt to make out with her but after reading all the stories here am afraid. I don't want to mess up and embarrass myself.


Any advice for an inexperienced guy like me? :scatter:

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You should have gone in for the kiss on the 3rd date! It's ok everyone learns from their screw-ups. Kissing is actually easier than you think, just remember not to slobber on her like a St.Bernard, it's basically a natural thing that you have to figure out yourself....just watch a movie with a kissing scene, watch how they do it get an idea .

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What you have to learn is that its okay to be physical, this girl is interested in you. Another thing is that you need to realize that you are going to make mistakes. Seeing that you arent experienced it is going to mean that you are going to make mistakes. Its okay to make mistakes because you are going to learn from them. I dont think that you have to jump in and just do things that you arent comfortable with but you should start off slow. Move in for a kiss and just go from there dont be affraid to explore her body with your hands while you kiss.

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Well, the good news is that she thinks "waiting means something more," which I think it probably does. It sounds like she feels you are taking things too slow, intentionally or unintentionally. I think you should talk to her about how she feels on the physical aspects of the relationship and voice the point that you are inexperienced so this is completely new. Tell her to not be so enigmatic when it comes to those types of discussions and things will come out more clearly, and you'll have a better understanding of what she wants. If she wants you to make out with her, or be more physical, there is no better way to fix that other than just doing it. Don't be afraid to make out! It seriously is not that big of a deal; when you kiss, just don't stop and progress further. You'll know when she wants to stop when she pulls away, or if you want to stop, you can just pull away (not abruptly). Even if you do mess up, she will probably help you out so you can be more experienced and better. During the making out, strategically place your hands in appropriate positions. You can be more physical by doing small, insignificant stuff. If she's wearing just a regular t shirt, wrap your hands around her underneath the shirt, and then caress her back. When she strokes your arm and stuff, just return it. Stroke her arm, etc. Kiss her on the neck, arms, hands, if you haven't already, and that may be a good way to start off as more physical. Anything works. Ask her what she wants.

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