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Is it common not to call?

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I have a girl friend that I've been getting to know for about six months now. When we were first getting to know each other she would call me or I would call her. After a few months I would do most of the calling (mostly due to my odd schedule), but she would always return my phone calls. Now I make all the phone calls and she won't return phone calls unless we've planned to do something that day. Even when one of us has to cut a conversation short, I'll tell her "give be a call back when you have a chance" but she never does.

I've asked her point blank if I'm making her uncomfortable or if I've done something to upset her and she gave me a shocked look and said "no." She always seems to want to hang out (she's never refused an invitation) but I just feel like we're not communicating like we used to.


This change in behavior seems odd to me. I can't help the feeling that something is wrong. Is this friendship doomed to failure?

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I wouldn't say that the friendship will fail, but simply the way things are. It seems your friend doesn't call, because of who she is. Her personality might be that her friends call and she doesn't neccesarily call them back. I don't think it's her trying to be rude or upset, but how she is. That's what I see.

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u have to understand that you dont have any formal relationship w/her...i mean youre not her bf.so she dont have any obligation to call u...pls dont get offended...maybe u have to know the big difference b/w frnds and lovers...it seems that u have to send the msg clear to her...if u want her to be your gf or just be more than friends...coz she probably might be thinkin that your just stickin with her just for merely hangin out and nothin more than that...us girls are not fortune teller and mind reader, sometimes we want to know very clear our stand to a certain person so we could know how to act...sometimes we dont wanna assume that we are impt. or special to a certain person b/c we are also afraid of disappointments...

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