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Patting myself on the back

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Last summer while I was home, I sought out my counsellor from a couple of years ago to look through my files. It was an uphill battle just to have access to my files because they thought I was trying to sue them or something. Anyway, I read over my file to find out when was the last time that I had cut myself. It took me awhile to find the session, but I found out that it was August 15. By the time I got to read it though, it was past the 15th so I couldn't celebrate my accomplishment. This year -- I vowed to not miss it. I just got back from being out a celebration with all my friends.. and believe me it was a very ecclectic bunch.. I separate groups of friends that never mingle, so it was interesting.


Anyway, I just thought I would post here because this is the closest thing I have to a group of people who understand the triumph of lasting four years. My friends are supportive, and always have been.. but a lot of them don't understand the battle that it is to get up on a daily basis and make it through until bedtime with cutting.


I wanted to post this too, as a testiment. It's brutal. There are days I don't know how I'm going to make it the day. It's a constant struggle, and something that -- for the most part -- I deal with internally. But, it's possible.


I never give myself any sort of encouragement, and I always down play when I've done well. But not today. I'm sorry if this seems pompish to anyone who is reading this, but I'm just happy for myself for once..


Anyways, I'm exhausted and have to work in the morning.

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well im only 16,but a person i know alss was a cutter, then he looked back at when he was like 13,15,15,16 years old and went to his old home and checked out his old stuff, but most important of all, he remembered whta he thaught of he remembered him self saying that when he turned 20 he was going to take the whole wolr by storme, that didnt happen but now he live a good life.So maybe you should check with you 16 year old self and remember what he was into and see what he has to say, as far as being proud of your self oh hell yhea of course you deserved. go on go ahead and be proud of your accomplishemnts.

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