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Can someone please help..............im hitting rock bottom

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yo too much things happened to much for em to put into this post, but all in all, i ahd enough of trying sdo ahrd to be a good eprson, treatin others good, following my religion to a damn near crazy point , and constantly getting spit on..... i feel like no matter what i do ima receive the werse, i cant hel but care but this morning after findin out somthing that showed i have done wrong, i give up, nothin in this wolr is worth caring for, im not gonna commit suicide or nuthin , bt im tired yo, tired of caring , tired of being hurt, im so damn tired, i feel liek killign someone, anyone, i feel like just switchin off every emotion n just beign nothin but a cold bastard, thats wat everyone deserves it seems. i cant take it, i gave my life to the lord and i feel liek he spit it back in my face along with everyone in my life, besides my mom,and two friends... i cant take it though, even my friend noticed that i hit rock bottom, i cant do this anymore yo i gotta alsh out at the world, i gotta do something anything, i jsut need to vent to get rid of everything,......... i'v been dealin with some violent thoughts n all this stuff , its official yo im goin crazy not to the point where im bouncin off walls but to the poin twhere i might do sumthin i'd regret. i dotn know what to do, i cant take it anymore

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you just gotta have faith inside that everything happens for a reason...and that in the end, the jerks will get theirs and the good guys will reap the rewards...


get strength off your friends, tough it out...its a test from the inside...talk to them, whoever you have to...the lord works in mysterious ways, and in the end, you'll be much stronger having overcome all this...


good luck, im here if you need to talk/yell/vent/ w/e



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