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One night stand

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Well, I'm supposing that I had my first one night stand. Met a guy that I knew of(live in a small town). We'd only hung out twice, and then we had sex. I called him the next day to see if he wanted to meet up but he didn't answer his phone. He called the next day but I didn't answer my phone because I was busy, and he left a message saying sorry he missed my call and to call him. I called him back but he didn't answer again, so I left a message saying "Hey, just returning your call.." Didn't hear from him for 3 days, and then he called while my phone was off (was at the hospital) He said "Just calling to see how you're doing, give me a call back." I called back and again he did not answer. It sounded like his phone was out of service and I didn't leave a message so I don't know if he knew I called. I went 3 days without calling him after that. I called him after the 3 days and he didn't answer his phone AGAIN, so I left a message "Just calling to say hi, bye now." This was 2 days ago. I have not heard anything. What the hell is going on?! lolb]

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I don't think this is a one night stand. Otherwise when you called he wouldn't have called back. It looks like you two are just missing each others calls, which can be very frustrating.


Either that or he's avoiding you because he doesn'tknow what to say... just a thought, but I doubt that it's right.


Keep us posted



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Some serious phone tag going here....


Any info you can give us on leading up to doing the do?


Was it good? Must have been, you called him back or either you wanted to say thanks for a good time but we can't do this again.


You made last contact and sounds like he may be busy. The ball is in his court. He will call......give him a little time and let him think.

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ive been going through the same thing.............except im the guy waiting to hear back from the girl. i wasnt just a one night stand though.

i was a one month stand. she vanished like a magician. last two weeks its been one missed call from her and me leaving a message with her.

i dont know whats going on either. if the ball is in his court.........i suppose thats all you can do. i called her back............its her turn to call me back.


bottom line is if someone says they will call....................and isnt calling you. its a safe assumption something is going on. maybe he's got others??

from what ive heard this girl i dealt with might.

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The sex was incredible. I've been with two other guys, and they were horrible. This guy was amazing, it went on for 2 hours. He just kept going, but I couldn't "go." He kept saying "God you are so beautiful." It was amazing because he actually cared about me going, and tried really really hard, and now I feel like he's avoiding me. I don't really know him, as I've said we only hung out twice. He's a really nice guy and I don't want this to be a one night stand.

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Well, it seems he may some effort to contact you, which is not really normal one night stand behavior, that is when as soon as he is done, he begins thinking, how soon will this be over. How soon can I just leave? And once he is gone, he is never heard from again. Unless at some future date, he sees you out and wants a little more. So, he could have some interest or be calling solely out of guilt. Wait and see if he calls. If he does, great if not, wait until you see him and tell him he is a dumb ___ for giving up on a chance to get something as fine as you are and say it with a big sexy smile, then leave him alone, and after which he might chase you again. Enjoy that, don't give in easily if at all.

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i know im young and all, but that probly wasn't he first night stand. he probly just wanted to get with a girl for a ego boast or something. im sorry but it seems like he used you for sex,or he thinks that you always have one night stands and doesn't want to be with people like that.

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It doesnt seem that this even falls into the category of a one night stand because a one night stand is just sex and its left at that. The phone tag seems to denote that something else is going on here. I would say that you hooked up with him but you didnt have a one night stand. Your actions also seem consistant with wanting something more, not necessarily meaning a relationship but you seem to be getting emotional over the issue.

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