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Cruelty to Animals


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I am absolutely disgusted. Last week a man that lives 2 streets away from me was seen in a parking lot beating up something in the back of his truck. A witness later realized he was punching a cat, and then after punching it repeatidly, he slammed it down on to the pavement and he drove away. The cat crawled under a car and bled to death.


The witness got is license plate and called the police. They found blood and fur in his truck. He says he was sick of the cat "digging in his garden". It seems that all he got from the police was a slap in the wrist and some fines. I feel so bad for the poor cat. I can stand having this scumbag live 2 streets away from me. I am an avid animal lover (I especially love cats)- and feel bad if I even step on an ant.



The immature part of me wants to do something bad to his property-since he's 2 streets away- like put big signs that say "murderer" in front of his house,etc. But I know it will do no good- plus he's obviosuly a crazy wacko and I don't want him to come after me if he finds out.


I don't know how a person could do such a thing. I'm enraged. All I can hope is that karma will come back around to him one day.





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Thats terrible


I'm like you and feel bad for hurting anything! My bf laughs at me sometimes - he is from a farm where you get used to the life and death of animals, but I am very sensitive when it comes to animals.


Laws for animal cruelty vary from place to place, some require quite serious jail time, others not.


He is cruel and sadistic....I'd contact the local animal cruelty prevention people, let them know about this guy - not sure what they do but there are some that would put forth action to change the local laws, and perhaps even they can organize to deliver flyers to neighbours warning them of his beahviour to animals.

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Oh my GOSH... You don't beat a cat to death for digging in your garden... There's repellent for that. I have it in MY garden to keep my own cats away - it just smells really bad to cats and they stay away.


I'm so sorry you have to be near this man, that's awful Unfortunately, if there's nothing the police will do, there's nothing you can do, except maybe lobby for stricter animal cruelty laws in your state (province, country, whatever - I didn't see where you live).


Of course, I don't see anything wrong with letting your entire neighborhood know what the man did in the form of a "Please make sure you know where your cat is at all times" campaign. That way, you're protecting neighborhood cats and dragging this a-hole's name through the mud. It can't be slander because it's true.


Hehehe - you could always make sure the man is stocked up on the above mentioned repellent, too. You could be like the repellent fairy that delivers repellent in the dead of night. Nothing illegal about that either!


You're a good person for having a heart for animals. Good luck to you.

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Oh, how awful! I'm currently in the transition to a veggie/vegan diet because I love animals so much. I can't stand the suffering of others at my expense. I'm so ultra sensitive, I literally carry spiders and bugs out of my room because I don't have the heart to squish them. If I had witnessed what this other person did ....


The thought turns my stomach in knots. People can be so incredibly cruel

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This is a terrible tragedy. I too am an animal lover and worked as a vet tech (animal nurse at a vet hospital) for four years and have 2 cats and a dog of my own, I can't conceive of what is going through a person's mind when this sort of thing happens.


I would report him to the S.P.C.A. (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) perhaps they can push for a harsher penalty to be given to him. Do the authorities know if the cat belonged to someone? If they know who, the owner could sue the man as well.


How about PETA? Those people are over the top, they'd probably egg his house or something.



What's really scary is this is how alot of serial killers start out, abusing and killing animals before they graduate onto people.


Very disturbing ideed.


I don't recommend you go over there for any reason, though I completely understand why you would want to label him a murderer--he is.

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Grrrr...this man deserves a visit from the ALF or PETA, and I'm thinkin' the first is a good idea. Give him a taste of his own medicne. Yeah I know, stopping violence with violence doesn't do much, but...you know, I just don't care.


Tell the people in the neighbourhood about the skuzzbucket and make sure they keep their animals/children away from this ******. I mean if he would do that to an innocent little cat, imagine if he got ticked at a child.

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you should try finding a local or state animal rights/animal welfare organization wherever you live. they might be able to give you advice or help you pursue further action against that bast*rd. a majority of the states in the US have enacted animal cruely laws that carry felony charges for abusers. your state may very well be one of them. sometimes these animal rights organizations can push authorities into putting more effort into enforcement.


if you choose the vigilante/direct action route you might just make an angry violent man even angrier -- or he might just get stealthier with his abuse. he might think someone else did it and go after them. he sounds pretty messed up to me.[/img]

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a majority of the states in the US have enacted animal cruely laws that carry felony charges for abusers. your state may very well be one of them. sometimes these animal rights organizations can push authorities into putting more effort into enforcement.



I was thinking this too. I know at least where I live (MA) Animal Cruelty was udgraded to a felony, as it should be.


Where are you, Bella Donna?


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Maybe that's what needs to happen....

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I got really angry reading your post. Because of my religious beliefs I refuse to kill even a bug, but all that aside...


Two teenagers in my town were cought last year skinning a cat alive... What the hell is wrong with people?


I have 4 cats and they are my babies. I would feel imature anger and want to do something to him too, especially after he got off so easy. Throw a flaming bag of kitty litter on his lawn.


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Yes, that is one of my cats, his name is Loki.

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Two teenagers in my town were cought last year skinning a cat alive...


I think the adequate punishment for that would be to throw them in a pit of hungry lions. I know answering violence with violence is not the answer, but I have NO MERCY for anyone who hurts innocent creatures including animals and children.


I'll never understand what brings people to act that way- I can only suspect pure evil and sadism, and extreme mental problems.


I have noticed that cats are more often the victims of cruelty- I think they're easy targets- small, vulnerable, less dangerous, not too hard to catch. I still don;'t know if the cat he did this to was a stray or if it belonged to someone.


I think it's very very sad. I love all animals, but I especailly adore cats. Every time I look at my own cat I feel so bad about what that "guy" (piece of sidewalk trash) did. I think he should pay more than a fine.


I contacted the local Humane Society where I live to see if they have any resources. A woman is supposed to call me back. At the very least, I think I'm going to organize some friends and neighbors and have a peaceful silent vigil/protest in front of his home. We will be in a large group so he won't be able to single me out as the source of it.




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Yeah this post really, really made me mad. It's partly because I feel your pain, and how you must feel so powerless right now.


There's a duck pond in our town, and recently someone decapitated one of the ducks and wrote obscene things on the sidewalk with its blood. I went to that park when I was a kid, and so did everyone else here. It hit us all really hard. But the person who did it was never caught, and there was barely an investigation at all!


What the cops and people don't understand is that it's not "just hurting animals". It's cruelty. And the people who do this stuff almost always move on (or already have moved on) to hurting people too. A lot of seriel killers/abusers/criminals could probably be stopped if people would deal with them while they're "only hurting animals". It deffinetely needs to be taken more seriously. These people almost always move on to violence against other things weaker than them (children for example). It sickens me. I can't believe he only got a slap on the wrist! That makes me so pissed off! How depraved do you have to be?! Just. . . errgg! I am so sorry you have to live by this guy. I probably wouldn't be able to take it (or sleep peacefully at night), knowing what he got away with.

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That poor kitty


Okay, over the saddness... now i'm mad


That is so *beep*ing cruel... If he lived as close to me as he does to you BellaDonna I would put a hundred cats in his yard and then watch him squirm... or possibly get my mates to beat him up... see how he likes being left bleeding and almost dead... then he can crawl under a car and die.


And the police????????????????? OMFG... they're a *beep*ing joke... I can't believe he just got fines... JAIL TIME PEOPLE!!!!!!!



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Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. Animal cruelty laws are very lenient in the US and Canada. I have witnessed several animal abuse cases as well, and the abusers are usually just given a "warning". The police are only so powerful in cases that deal with animals.


What I suggest you do is call your local animal control. Tell them all the details - the location, the date and time, that you called the police, what happened - and tell them you're concerned about living there and any neighbourhood animals. Tell them you don't think the fine he received was deterrent enough to stop him from acting this way again, and you want advice on how you can feel safe in your neighbourhood again. Chances are, there isn't much they can do. But what they can do is follow up with police, basically saying "Hey, we got a call regarding this case. Is there anything else you can do? Can you keep an eye out for this guy?" At least it will give the police an idea that maybe this isn't a one-time incident and they need to keep their ears out for any other activity by this man.

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