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confused which guy to chose

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I am in anew situation in my life and I've decised to ask for help online.

Here it is my story.

I am in a relationship with a guy for about a year and a half. We had many ups and downs, I can say that therew ere more downs then ups though. He is a confict fellony and a former lawer, fact which I exepted from the beginning because what happened to him it was a mistake and know it was because of a large amount of medicamentation he was put on.

He has a bad temper, which he kinf of changed lately, but of course not completely. He corses a lot without raeson to my opinion, ie. when he drops something on the floor and says s..., which bothers me, expecially because he is a lawyer. We live together and I pay most of the bills. He pays half of the bills sometimes, but later then he is supposed to and I don't believe this is right, he is the man and I expect him to take care of those. He makes much less monet then me, about half that I am making and chances for him to get his licenece back are 50-50. We are going to know for sure in a year or so. I have not been on vacation since I met him and the only places we went to were very close to the city we live in. I am crazy about travelling and I can't do that, There are many things that i am not doing anymore because of him, like going skiing, because he doesn't have the time now, because he can't afford to skip work.

I know he loves me, but all these things that I am doing anymore and his temper pushed me away from him. I know he loves me and I love him to, but at the same time I feel very bored. I have some friends around , but we are not very close, so I can do uch with them either.

Another problem we have is that we don't communicate to each other, I mean we don't find subjects to talk about and when I want to talk about something he seems that he ignores me and I hate that because I love to share many things with him.

A few months ago I met another guy and we have so many things in common, travelling and music. He knows so much about music and he went to places that I've been to also and we share all those experiences together. Another thing I like about him is that he doesn't speak dirty and he is very kind, i.e. he would help me to clean my car, something that my boyfriend wouldn't do. This new guy doesn't get upset when I complain about food, but my boyfriend is terible about that. he just goes nuts when I complain other people, but he himself complains about how bad otehr people drive. This second guy really makes me feel good in many ways.He is not rich, and I don't know what he would if we would live together. I kind of got tired of paying and giving a lot of stuff to my boyfriend , even if I still love him.

I don't really know what to do. One makes me happy the way he is and what we do together and the other one drives me nuts and I am not sure if he ever will be able to get back where he was before.

Anyone any idea?



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