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hi there im not really thinking of killing my self not that i dont whant to die i dont have the courage to do it and is just that i didnt find any bether topic to post , i hope you forgive me for my bad english... i whanted to know whats the porpuse of living if we know that we wiil die unhappy and alone? why should i whait till im old and sick if im already as it is... maybe im beeing selfish and there is "gazilions" of ppl that are worst than me but i cant help it.. yea i have my parents and im sure that they love me but i feel that they have me as a disapoint i dont know really how to write it but it is like when you put all ur hope in something and it turns to be nothing...and it keeps me awayoff them so there be less ways of i can disapoint them ... my friends or so called friends are just as somebody as is your friend but just so you can help them when the time come that i need help they almost tell me to F* off im not very good at school so i dont have any perspective at profetional career so i feel like a disaster at all points in my life... so thanks for reading i needed to put this somewhere as i dont have any friend that i can talk to or ifi talk to my parents they will take me to some doctar that would fell me up with drugs ...

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Hey Nin. I'm sorry that you feel this way. No one deserves to feel like this at all and you are just as good as anybody else. You need to build self confidence and find what it is you're best at. Not good at school? Find something you love to do... and go after it. Practice it, know it. What we love to do is what we are destined to teach... or display or pass on. Ever tried acting? Singing? Are you interested in drawing or art? Do it. Whatever your heart tells you to do.

Whatever God you believe in... Pray. It seems so simple and corny to some... But you've gotta understand all the little metaphors behind God's word. There are really deep and helpful things written in a type of code. All these lessons... just waiting to be learned. God is all around us. He's right beside you. You'll never be alone. You need to look inside yourself and find what you enjoy doing... what people love you for or commend you for. Be confident, don't be afraid to bring out the best in yourself, and show everyone how great you really are. Only fear can stop you, so just DO IT Feel free to message back

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to say the truth im crap at much everything i tried draw i tried music i have a eletic guitar which i am crap at lol i love computer programming but i crap at it to ... and God does it really exist? if He exist why does He let to be much sufering ??? and if it is us humans were made to destroction and suffering of every thing even ourselfs ... ...well i had a girl that dumped me for incompability lol ... can you buy this ??? she left me for such small things as i dont shave every day or i have a litle extra weight ... i put up with so much things for her like her trying to kill her self and her stupid jeolus ... 4 years she made me suffer every day ... i loved her so much ... now im falling with another girl that i know that is not a nice lady ... i often feel like sht*** and thank you for reply really thank you

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I know how you feel desperate. You've got to just keep on. I've had challenges of my own... I am going through a horribly self destructing challenge right now... But I do believe that God exists. I believe that God gives It's strongest creatures the hardest challenges. And you're not crap at everything. If you believe it will happen, it will happen. You will not give up my man. Be strong.

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Learning to play an instrument takes a lot of time for most people. Too much time for me to start.


When I have been in a group where everyone shares the same interest, the thought has struck me that "I am pretty average in this group". But when I compare myself with the random person on the street, then I know I do OK in one field at least.


Keep compiling, nin.

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yea i guess your right ... but you probably know that we have to have some kind of ignition so this feelings disapear ... but im feeling better now... sometimes it strikes me just like an lightning and i feel like crap and cry and she.. but thanks sometimes is good to tell somebody how you feel ... im going to stick to this forum so if ya all need something pm me or something []

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