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hmm where to begin. well last year(school year) maybe liek around the end of may, i started talking to this girl. got to know each other and i ended up likeing her quiet a bit. i got the feeling she liked me too so i got her #. i called her up a couple of times had some good convos. well eventually we went out on a date, wasnt the best but not the worst. she was kind of quiet the whole time, i kept trying to get a convo goin but, jus couldnt keep it goin. well, i called her up again, we set up another date then last minute she blew me off, gave me some reason sounded legit so she she then called me later we talked and i set up another. deja vu or sumthin she calls it off the day before. the thing is, i dont like being blown off like this too many times so i jus didnt call her anymore and she did the same too. i have a friend who is her co-worker, and i guess she tells him to tell me she said hi quite a bit,and she also talks about me with him a bit. that was like a month ago and now we saw each other the other day. it was from a distance, but her eyes did seem to widen with a smile, brought back old feelings. now i dont know weather to call her again or to just let it die out. so i need some advise.

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