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Should I pay if we are just hanging out?


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Ok there is this girl that I am really liking. We hung out once last week and she wants to hang out again. The first time we hung out I didn't really get to talk to her, I am really shy. Now sometime this week we are going to hang out again. This time, we might go watch a movie. This isn't a date though. It is going to be a hang out, probably me, her and a couple friends. Atleast me, her and her friend. The question is, should I pay for her when we go the movies? I don't know what to do at all...I want to pay but I don't know know if that is the good move. I've thought about just telling her straight up, "hey, i'll pay for you if you want." But I think it'd be smarter to not pay for her since her friend is there and it isn't really a date.


I really don't know what to do, so please help me out. Also, when we hung out the first time, we went to play pool. I payed for that when she tried to pay. I said hey, I can pay for it. So what should I do? I really am clueless, so please help. And it is greatly appreciated!

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It's not a date, she can pay for herself (that sounded kind of harsh ) you have the right idea. Now do you think she might be into you as well or no? I'm not sure but since her friends coming along her friend might be "inspecting" you and the girl you like is getting approval pretty much lol. I could be wrong, girls like to go out and have a good time, I'm not there so I don't know don't flame me...If you had my brain you'd know whether she's into you or not lol.



Any flirting going on? Like non-verbal flirting? Have you noticed any of it or no? If so learning some basics and maybe some more on body language would REALLY help you out.


Maybe you could tell me if any of these things are familiar behavior of her when your around...


- Blushing


- You catch her staring at you a lot


- She is a lot more energetic when around you


- Touches you trying to make a point, show you something, etc in a conversation


- Teases you


It's great if these are pretty common for you when your around her.


And does she have a bf (hopefully not)?






"hey, i'll pay for you if you want."
THIS IS NICE GUY ****! That isn't going to help you at all, being the provider ain't going to get you anywhere with her, your just going to be her doorstep.
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If she told you specificaly that she thinks you're cute, and that she wants to hang with YOU again (as opposed to "hey, we should ALL hang out") then she's most likely slightly interested. And her hinting that you two should hang again is an obvious invitation for you to ask her on a real date, or at least for only the two of you to hang out.


Get rid of her friend when you hang out next time, and then you can pay for her date. Otherwise, don't pay. Only pay if it's just the two of you. (But when it's just the two of you, you really SHOULD pay since it will be your first date and paying is a way of showing you're interested her in a way that's more than friends)


Other than that, I can't tell you if she's into you since I'm not there to see for myself. Trust your gut...it's usually right. But from the few signs that you told me (namely that she wants to see you again), she sounds interested.

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If you guys are just hanging out then you shouldn't pay for her, if you were hanging out with a guy friend you wouldn't pay for him when you're hanging out right? Well, maybe, but most likely not, heh.


I remember when this guy liked me, the first time we went to the movies he was trying to kiss up to me and get me to like him so he bought my movie ticket and everything, but then when I told him I only saw him as a friend the next time we went to the movie to hang out he treated me like I was a dude, haha, had to pay for my own ticket.


Have fun.

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