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weight it won't go away no matter what!

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Okay hi ya'll


anyway here's the scoop. I weigh 162-to 165 but thats all normal I'm a girl so blah. But besides that I'm 5'5 -'6 and have a pants size of 13-14 now, I want to be a 9-10 or an 8 even. I wouldn't say I'm over weight but I am packen in some not so wanted weight and I think seeing the rate I'm going, if my sadness about this continues I might become over weight and I can't let that happen. I have slightly fatty arms, and a tummy that makes me look kind of pregnant but I'm not, and fat thighs on the inside of my legs, and some baggage around my hips. I started working out a month and a half ago, I work out at the gym four times a week monday through thursday and do crunches and sit ups and a few small things at home. I'm not trying to build muscle and I know the difference between fat burn workouts and building strength and muscle workouts. So I've been doing the lightest to the second lightest weight I can use and doing fast reps for my arms and legs, I ride the bike at the gym for 30 mins, and then do the ab machine on the lowest to second lowest weight possible as fast as I can as many reps as I can. I also own a sports pro bike that I use on the days I don't go to the gym or even in mornings. I eat right, three meals a day, plenty of water, not so much slurpes and candy bars, or donuts anyting like that, and usually have one snack between lunch ad dinner. My mom knows alot about proper eating and she's helped me with the right number of calories and such to eat per day as my weight suggests. But NOTHING IS WORKING. I put my heart and soul into all this.


I"M STILL 160 and up! Now I know all above seems or may seem like I"m a workout health nt but thats not the case, monday through thursday it's a mere hour to an hour and half workout because that is all I can do. I have a unique and rare over heating condintion where I don't sweat so I get on overload and could risk a trip to the emergency room, but I do the best I can.


after reading this, can anyone give me any help or ideas on what I could possibly do different that may result in something. I know results won't happen over night but I'd figure I'd at least feel somewhat better in my day or see a little difference in how my clothes fit.


Also I'm not wanting to lose lots of weight, maybe 10-15-20 pounds. Can anyone help me?


Ps: as a result of all this I feel like *beep*. I don't want to be touched by anyone, I don't like hugs anymore, I am scared to let my boyfriend hug me afraid of what he'll feel and he'll leave even though he says I should be doing this for myself because he doesn't care any which way I look, as long as I'm not slimy and growing antlers and my eyes have turned into footballs and are black non blinking thingys (his words not mine).

I don't want to feel like this anymore, it's not nice. Also I'm not able to buy any drugs, or tv equipment stuff, I don't think i'd work and using drugs blha how dangerous is that.



PLEASE everyone

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Stop eating bad foods like McDonalds and stuff, your on a diet so no fast food, red meat, etc. You should be drinking plenty of water. Your whole body works out when you run except your arms, so just stop doing whatever your doing and RUN a lot on the tread mill drink A LOT of water, and do some reps on the freeweights for your arms. You might be not doing the best as you can because that medical condition of yours is holding you back. I'm not saying go full out running and stuff and forget about the condition I think you might not be doing enough.


If you have the cash and want fast results, maybe a slight liposuction?


Yeah don't take any of those drugs. There just steriods, and steriods have weird effects on women, to name one that will turn your bf OFF would be that over time of using these drugs you will develop a manly voice so it's best to stay away from that crap.

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Stop eating bad foods like McDonalds and stuff, your on a diet so no fast food, red meat, etc.

If you have the cash and want fast results, maybe a slight liposuction?


god no I don't eat fast foods,


and no surgery had it plenty for other things to young in life.


Problem with running is I can't anyways, bad knees, the bike hurts but sitting and such helps so not so much pressure on my knees.


hell i'm full of bad health problems

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Surgery doesn't always make you ugly you still have your look just losing some lbs . Only thing that's ugly is plastic surgery (i.e. Pamela Anderson).



Well if you can't run that sucks...then I guess you should do what your normally doing... Results don't come in a day, it takes at least a month or 2.

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You didn't really suggest that she do lipo, did you? Yikes! That's definitely NOT the right way to lose weight.


The thing most people don't understand about weight loss is that you HAVE to do muscle building exercises. Just doing high reps with light reps (which sounds like what you're doing) is a waste of time. There is no difference between "fat-burning" and "muscle-building" when it comes to lifting weights. I started lifting a year ago when I was trying to shave off my freshman 15 pounds, and I lost more than 15 pounds because I built muscle while also doing cardio. (Cardio is very important too. Try using the elliptical machines for 30 minutes every other day if you can't run. That works just as well)


You really REALLY REALLY have to lift weights and build muscle. Muscle speeds up your metabolism. A fast metabolism burns fat. Did you know that for every extra pound of muscle you have, you burn off 50 calories? If you put on a mere four pounds of muscle, you would have enough to burn off a 2 oz. steak that you ate for dinner. Yikes, that would be like if you hadn't eaten the steak for dinner at all then. See how good putting on muscle is? I'm pretty much convinced that once you add muscle, you will see your weight go down. Maybe not the weight that the scale tells you, but you should never judge weight by that. Judge by how your pants fit.


I am 5'2. I used to be 121 pounds, and a size 3. (I know that doesn't sound like much, but back in high school, I was 108 pounds and a size 2). I went to the gym, did cardio, really hit the weights big time, and now I'm a size 1. Yet, I'm still 116 pounds, which is heavier than I was back in HS, even if I can wear smaller clothes than in HS.


As for your diet, the point is not to eat less, but to eat more often. I'm sure you've heard the whole 4 to 5 small meals a day will help you lose weight thing. That's because it really does work. Whole grains (no white bread, white rice, refined pasta, etc.), lots of protein, healthy fats, etc. are what you need to intake.


I will PM you the URL of a great msg board for helping with weight loss and increased fitness that I frequent a lot. It's what helped me get started, and now I'm a super healthy person. The other people on that board have undergone amazing weight loss changes, proving that the advice it gives works wonders.

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I agree, swimmings an awesome way to loose weight.

It's kind of bitter sweet though ^^; Best exercise in the world, yet you have to be brave enough to go into a swimming costume first lol.


I think your problem lies with the weight lifting. I mean, thats fantastic... but if you want to burn fat, try exercises like long walks, skipping, aerobics etc.


Weight lifting tones the body, it's not necessarily the best way to lose weight.


And trust me hon, I know. I was in your boat too. I honestly lost 10 kilos just by going for a 1 hour walk every day and eating more vegies.

I was shocked because had been overweight my whole life and tried everything.


Whats the key? Repition, persistance and consistancy!

If you walk, walk EVERY day. Weigh yourself ONCE a week and take a record on that day (before breakfast always wearing similar weight clothes). If you dont see results in a particular week try boosting up your walk to be 15 mins longer or something


I assure you it works. I've never once seen a case where consistant walking and healthy eating didnt work.


Also be carefull of pre-packaged goods. Alot of them (and surprising amount of savory foods) have TONNS of sugar in them. Remember, if you dont use sugar it turns into fat. thereforeeee its JUST as bad as fat.


So keep an eye on those sugars and saturated fats.

Anymore questions? *opens mental weight loss bible* lol

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as northernlights mentioned...you definitely have to incorporate the weightlifting to speed up your metabolism. then you're constantly going to BURN BURN BURN fat-all day and night because you have more muscle. ALSO, remember that muscle will take up LESS space than fat; hence the reason NL said she weighed more, but fit into SMALLER clothes.


so many of us (women) are scared that by lifting we're going to bulk up. it WILL NOT happen. eat right (lots of veggies, dairy, protein)..5-6 smaller meals throughout the day.


i agree that running is the best cardio and burns fat the quickest; however, with knee problems myself, a trainer at my gym suggested a SPINNING class. i was reluctant but, believe it or not, it helped my knees stay aligned AND i still get a fabulous cardio workout.


don't go the LIPO route...you're much too young for that and it's not the healthy way. eating right and exercising is going to make you feel GOOD from the INSIDE out.


good luck

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You won't "bulk up" lifting weights. Quite the opposite, as a female, you will not get huge muscles unless you radically change and supplement your diet (with testosterone for example) and truly take on a power lifting routine. I am female, workout with a decently-heavy weight routine 3 times a week (chest/back one day, arms/shoulders another, legs another) and am toned, lean - not bulky. If you go too light, you are not really breaking down the muscle in order to build it and burn more. Also since you do cardio, you'll be less likely to add lots of muscle...I do about 8-15+ hours of cardio a week so don't get too bulky in the least!


You will however develop lean, toned muscle which BURNS more fat! And while it weights more than fat, it takes up a lot less space...so you look smaller...


Cardio is of course great, and cycling is an awesome way to get that. I am very into cycling, so I think its fantastic and it truly does burn calories, running does too, but it is higher impact and usually you cannot go as long so the bike is a better option for you it sounds like. You typically burn about 50 cals a mile on the bike. Spinning classes are also a great option for variety and some companionship, or find a local womens bike club.


You also need to make sure you are eating enough..eating too little puts your body in starvation mode. Instead of three meals a day, eat 5-6 smaller meals that still give you same total calories you need. But they will keep your metabolism up. Make sure you eat lots of veggies, fruits, lean protein, low fat dairy (which has actually been shown to help control weight), whole grains. Stay away from refined carbs (sugars and white breads) and fried/fast foods. Even some condiments pack a lot of fat and cals (ie ranch dressing, mayo) so look for lighter options.


You are young, don't do lipo...not now. It will only refoster your low sense of self esteem as you feel you need "fixing"...doing it through hard work - exercise and healthy eating - WILL get you there. I promise, and you will feel better about it and also be able to keep the results for LIFE. If one gets lipo and does not change their habits..it comes back...


Also, go see a physical trainer/nutritionist if you can..one whom is well trained in sports science (preferably with a true college degree) and nutrition, you will have to pay for a session or two, but may be VERY well worth it.


And most of all, as you stick to it, be patient. It did not take you 6 weeks to put on the weight, so it will take longer to take it OFF.

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to everyone who replied


thank you so much, I'm going to start walking everyday and I'll start the 6 small meals a day, i'm on third meal already


and yes lipo is awful, one i'm to young, second I think thats the easy way out, thrid things can go wrong and if the wegiht doesn't come off and for some reason i gain weight I could gain it back there or worse in other parts of my body, and scars and pain not really my thing. so yeah


I'm also taking those swimming classes when I feel to sore or tired to work out in the gym so thanks everyone, i'll post my updates.



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When I was in high school I had an eating disorder...I got to be 93 lbs and I still thought I was morbidly obese (I was shooting for around 75-80 lbs) anyway, after I got help, my weight skyrocketed to almost 170 lbs. That was because my body thought I was in a fammine. So my point? Eat still!


Just bear in mind you haven't been working out all that long, what? A month and a half? It may take a little longer...also don't forget your bone structure and what that has to do with things...I have a larger frame, so being 5'4 and 115 lbs doesn't look it. I look a little heavier.


If you want a good work out, do the elliptical machines! I LOVE those things...they make me feel like I'm running on air, and they're pretty easy on the knees. Also try pilates and yoga, they make you more flexible and also tone the muscles. Walking is another option, it's pretty relaxing unless you speed walk, which is another good idea.



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Hi Beautifulfallingdown,


About a year ago, I was up to 165 at 5'5". I am over 40, so weight loss is no easier for me. I was up to a 13/14 and had fat thighs. One morning I turned on the tv at 4am & saw an infomercial for Brenda Digrath's Thigh Trainer. It looked fun, came with a 20 min vid workout = $100 (maybe less over ebay). About the same time I went to a campover & was introduced to some new foods. I bought the thightrainer & some 5 lb/ea ankle & hand weights and started slowly building up to 3 times/wk, at first i couldn't even finish the video or my performance was lacking. I started eating lots of high protein-low carb & high in good cholesterol food diet incl...


all seafoods

white meats

red meat once/wk



brummel & brown's yogurt butter


sour cream

salads, easy on the salad dressing

all fruits & veggies

wheat bread-forget the white.


frozen yogurt instead of ice cream

coffee, tea ok

and atleast 8 - 8 oz glasses of water/day


all of the above foods bind with body fat & flush the fat..


absolutely no pop, candy, cake, cookies, chips, easy on the sugar or junk of any kind...


I get 8 hrs sleep/nite, workout at a health club once/wk and still do my thightrainer workout 2-3 times a week and today, I am happy to report that I am happy, healthy & weigh 123 lbs and wear a size 3/5. And I never think of giving up.


Good Luck & Good Health!

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I have just been surfing the web for an hour trying to find information on what the hell is wrong with me. I am 5'3" I weight 160lbs. and I have been dieting hardcore and excersizing for a month with little results. I may look a TINY bit thinner. but my weight hasnt budged. I was almost shocked to see the simularities we have, and all the responses are assuming you must be doing something wrong. But you arent. I didnt think anyone would believe that I have actually been working out and trying to eat healthy as much as I have, for as long as I have, with no results. One weird thing we have in common is not being able to sweat easily. I got overheated and passed out becasue of it when I was a kid. Even when I work out now, its hard to break a sweat. I really don't know why this is happening. I have lost weight in the past, but I always creep back up to good old 160-165. My body loves this weight. obviosly i am confused, exausted, and very discouraged. I am so glad to see you are going through the same thing. I want to hug you! My plan of action, from hear on out is to keep going strong, and ditch the scale. I only plan to weigh myself once a month. there are a number of things that could be holding us back from loosing the pounds. gaining muscle, being stuck on a plateau to begin with. I plan to actually excersize more and eat a little less, maybe. but I am not going to starve myself. I am just going to get super strict with the suger fat and high carb foods. No matter how discouraged we are, we have to keep trying and break through this initail shock of seeing no results. If we keep eating healthy and excersizing there is NO WAY we are not going to loose the fat. If that happens, say, in three months, still no results and your always hungry and working out, then you would end up going down in medical history and being studied at mayo, becasue its just not possible. but it is possible for your body to be sluggish for some readon. I am going to visit my doctor and talk about this problem to see if maybe I have a thyroid problem giving me a sluggish metabolism.

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I got overheated and passed out becasue of it when I was a kid. Even when I work out now, its hard to break a sweat. I really don't know why this is happening.


When I was young my mom had to pick me up every day from school because I would pass out trying to play with the other kids.

There is an expert on this disorder in Ohio, in Toledo. I was given a medical braclet you may have the same thing it's called, Neurocardicagenetic syncopoy(spelled wrong no doubt but it's almost correct) My mom has it, worse she can barely walk without breaking out in a sweat rash and getting over heated even being in a air. cond. store. It's a horrible disorder and having weight and exercise problems because of it. THANK GOD SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS

I was afriad to post anything involving this because all my life no understands me, I can never do any sort of PE calsses at schools and everyone thinks I fake it being sick and stuff.


I wanna hug you too!

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