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so me and my ex girlfriend got to talking a couple weeks ago... and she said that she has done alot of thinking and what not about us gettin back together... and that she wants to get back together.. or atleast can say that eventually where gonna be together again... she currently has another boyfriend right now but still talks to me everyday on the phone and doesnt care if he gets mad or not... she lives 2 hrs away from me right now and has thought about moving back.... what is confusing is that if she wants to come back then why is she still with this other guy and start settin herself up to move bacl... i prolly rattled on a lil here but its all just too confusing...

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Cool out playa, cause girls can be unpredictable as hell. Believe what she does over what she says, but always remember that she's the kind of girl who will think about getting with other guys while she has a bf and you are no excuse. Is that really the kind of girl you want to have a relationship with? Keep talking to other girls and your options open.

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hey ya i agree with the other posters. she obviously does like you but i think you should just straight up ask her well if you see us together in the near future then why are you with someone else? if she says well im going to break up with him then say kewl call me when thats all cleared up so we can start fresh. and btw , you guys can be even more unpredictable!! but yeah, think about the breakup and her character. otherwise it seems to be going pretty well lol.

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