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My mom is driving me effing craazy!!!

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Ok, Im 19 I was medically discharged from the Air Force a while ago so I moved back home. My mom is driving me crazy. she nags me about every little thing! shes a freaking maniac! no lie! Its becoming really obnoxious. Im going back to school and Im hoping that it will be better if I stay @ school ALL day. But I have a feeling that I wont be @ school that long. Im really thinking I should move out but My poor dad will be here with her all ALONE! Its hard to work and go to school fulltime. Im thinking it will be easier on me if I just stay here and live with them for the next 2 years. Or maybe I can find a way to get back into the AF b/c I cant take this anymore... Maybe I just need some time AWAY from her maybe thats it? B/c we both are home all day. And no I am not working b/c I cannot (very long complicated story) but if I moved out I would work.

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here's the thing. She's your Mom. Occasionally, I feel that way about my mom. It is just ther nature. I'm sure everyone else out there has a Mom story. Mothers are just very protective and sometimes that is perceived as or actually is intrusive although that may not be their intent. But you are 19 so hopefully it isnt as bad as it would be if you were younger.



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at your age its harder for your mom then it is for you. I swear, they go through stages too. When your 19 you feel like you can live without your mom naggin you all the time but she doesnt quite understand that.


Its just a stage, give her some patience. Think back to all the patience she has probably given you! Just let her cash in on some of that now

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It's difficult for an adult child to move back home once they've had a taste of independence, I've been there and it's very trying. You get used to doing things your own way and not having to answer to anybody, and it's a rude awakening to have to follow the house rules.


However since you are at home and probably not paying rent as you are not working, you should be contributing to the care of the house, as in chores, and if that's what your mom is nagging you about, are you helping out? It's expensive to feed another mouth and pay for your electricity, hot water, laundry, phone calls, etc. You should definitely be doing what you can to help out and cover some of your expenses.


I think your best bet if you are so unhappy is to move out-- what about living in the dorm at school? Alot of times you can get financial aid and loans to cover the expense of living on campus, something that you can pay back when you graduate and have more marketable skills.


The bottom line is that you ARE an adult, and if you don't like the hassle of living under Mom's roof-- move.


Best of luck.

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