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How Quickly Can One Get Pregnant

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On average, it can take 6 months to a year for a couple who is actively trying to get pregnant.


It's actually not unlikely to achieve pregnancy on the first try. That average takes into account the people who become pregnant in their first months of trying and people who take years and years to try and either give up or move on to other forms of conception.


It's different for everyone. My husband and I have been trying for 4 months, a friend of mine has been trying for 3 years, another friend of mine has been trying for 6 and is starting the adoption process. Yet another friend of mine, though, could get pregnant if her husband even sneezed next to her. She brought the average down drastically

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That really REALLY varies according to many factors...the more you try sometimes, the less it happens due to the stress involved around it. Seems to be a few cases I hear of where a couple eventually gives up and goes through an adoption..and gets pregnant It also helps to "try" at the right times - by charting cycles, but sometimes if you just have sex often enough, it happens without trying anyway...


A persons health, menstrual cycle, fertility all play a part. Some women ovulate regularly, some don't. Some have illnesses that are not evident at first, sometimes its the men with infertilty issues.


They say though if after a year of trying, and there is still no pregnancy, it is time to go check with a infertility specialist to run tests and look into it...generally it can be normal to take 1-12 months.

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