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Let me ask you this: How is it possible for you to regret something? I find it impossible... EVERY little thing you've done, makes you who you are. I dont ever regret anything, not even the bad things Ive done or things I didnt do. I simply learn my lesson, and move on.


Alot of people either live in the future or the past. People who are in misery, live in the future because they believe it will "get better", or they dwell on past mistakes which haunt them. Now many people live in the moment.


I believe that you should accept and learn from the past, life in the present, and hold sight and be prepared for the future. Living in the present is the most important one, because your life might end any second.




Dont wait for life to happen to you, if you want something, GO OUT THERE AND LIVE! Nothing in this world is free, everything worth something requires work. Some people, will never get to do the things you can. You live only once, dont let fear and laziness stop you from living it to the fullest.


This brings me to the next thing. Appreciate life. Appreciate waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise. Appreciate your loved ones, your family, friends, ect. Show them how special they are to you. Because the next moment, everything can be taken away from you.


Have a goal. Have a goal to be the greatest person you know. That goal is impossible to accomplish, because we are all flawed; no one's perfect. Still, it is about the journey rather than the destination.


Throw the "But it's who I am" excuse out the door. Because that's all it is, just an excuse. People change. Every second of your life you change. Change is good, change is evolution, the reason we are all here. Like I said before, strive to become better.


I learned that you can never be truly free of society. The only way you can do that is if you go live in the mountains and fend for yourself for the rest of your life. You LIVE in a society. Learn to adapt. Learn to exploit society and use it to your advantage.


But, have your own opinions and never be afraid to say them. People will dislike you for that, but who cares.


Next... Forget about revenge. forget getting back at people. That's just plain retarded. The worst thing you can do to someone who betrays or disrespects you, is have nothing to do with them at all.


Ive learned that the best way to deal with rude and ignorant people, is to be nice and respectful to them, but dont associate with them.


Those people who philosophise and criticise things... dont associate with them much. All they do is talk.. they dont get any hands on experience, but they criticize you. Pathetic.


That's it for my rants... I tried to keep it flowing smoothly and orderly. Enjoy.

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I like what you have to say. Good stuff. It is important not to regret things and live in the now. However, a lot of the time taking the leap to truly living by those standards is tough. As uncomfortable as it may be to live with regret or in the past, living that way may offer ore security to people who are not yet ready to make such a leap

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I like this post. I feel that if someone can live this way, they've reached a point of self-enlightenment. I think it's important for people to strive to live thier life in a way you've described, it's much happier. I know I try and live that way, but it's difficult.

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SkyFire, thank you for this post. Reading what you have written is very helpful to me and what I'm going through right now. Not many people think like you, but more people definetely should. This world would be a much better place. So once again, thanks.

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I agree with most of what you have to say... But the regret thing is wrong. There are somethings you should regret and somethings you should not. Not everything you regret makes you who you are. Regreting being with someone does make up some of who you are. But in a situation like mine, my dad recently died and I regret to the fullest for the way I treated him sometimes, things I said to him, and for not telling him how much I loved him each and every day. I dont think that's something that makes me who I am or anything like that and i should regret it, Sure regret is unhealthy for the mind and spirit, but how could you not regret that!!!!!!!!!

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