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Eternal Loneliness


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Each day comes, and my soul becomes more clouded with fear and rage. This is how I feel tonight, utterly alone:


Eternal Loneliness


We come into this world,

Alone, a naked soul, a

Naked body - innocent of

Vices, ignorant of devices.


But throughout our brief acts

Upon life's stage, never do

We really quell the aching

Heart of blackness that


Consumes us from within.

A cancer of the soul, that

Devours the shy, and inherits

The meek under it's fateful



We are angels fallen into

Purgatory - corrupted slowly

By the temptations of flesh.


Some rage against the living

Of the dark, but in the end,

All we find is the dying of the



Tragedies and betrayals,

Abandonments and deflowerings.

We desperately reach out, with

Shaking hands, to clutch onto


Something, someone, who might

Love us, and not leave us.

We endure torments of the day,

And of the night, but


We find, mostly, that our paths

Are trodden alone; and we fall

At our weakest times, our

Spirits broken, our hearts bleeding


Onto the sands of time.

No-one to pick us up, no-one to

Break our fall.

We might love with our best,


And cry with all our might,

No-one really cares of our plight.

Into the abyss we stare, and how we fight,

But no kind law makes things alright.


The devil smirks, as his plans

Have accorded - a hell on

Earth for every living soul,

No escape from the fiery cold.


Icy blue flames consume all hope,

Faith, and love, from within.

Prayers go unanswered, but

Not unrewarded - for degradations


Are found for those who need

Them most.

When will this nightmare end,

When will this punishment cease.


Life is a test, a trial, a tribulation,

In the end, the struggle for a meaning,

Is all we have left - but no-one

Can find the answer to this godforsaken



We leave this world, naked, and

Even more alone.

Where we go, no-one knows,


But one things sure, forever, and

Always, Eternal Loneliness follows....

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Well, I liked some of your ideas... some became very cliche but still some good moments and some common thoughts placed into words. I think its true, but the reason it is "lonely" here on earth is for us to find something that occupies that. The ones that are able to find that one to love and hold feel all the more special. So the lucky are the ones that feel the most.


Natural selection perhaps? Well thats how I believe us humans came about, so i think its fair... no matter how unfair it may seem.



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