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RMIT open day.

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alittle while ago, i told you guys that i was having trouble with motivation and getting through VCE and everything. Well today i went to the RMIT open day in Melbourne, and i found out some information that has now given me hope in what i can do, and a direction as to where i am going.

im doing a psychology social science course through a youth work tafe course...


so i just wanted to thank everyone who had been helping me


thanks heaps

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Hey! i was in rmit today as well. and was at the psychology place.. were u the one with yer mum chatting with one of the staff members at about 12 or 1 ? I sooo wanna be doing psychology as well..and social work seems appealing.the thing is though, 5 yrs for social work and psych is just scaring me off. We're gonna get thru vce girly!!!!! Yay Good luck

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No, it's 3 years for social work, unless there is a new double degree combining psychology and social work, in which case you could probably get away with social work/science degree for 4 years.


The undergraduate for psychology is 3 years, plus 3 if you want to go on to become a registered psychologist. The breakdown is as follows:


3 years full time for psychology undergraduate, which can be undertaken either as an Arts course or a Science course,


1 year of post-graduate psychology, either in the form of honours, or a graduate diploma in psychology,


2 years Masters degree, in the area of psychology that you like, or a 3 year PhD in psychology. Many students are going the PhD route in anticipation of Psychology becoming accepted on the Medicare registry (you will be able to charge your clients on Medicare, thus saving them lots of money. That's if we still have Medicare in years to come).


Good luck!

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