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Hmmm moving closer PLEASE LEAVE HELP HERE


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Okay I been goin' out with my g/f for 2 months I know a VERY short time so far and it seems lately she has been actin a lil stranger when we hold hands sittin next to eachother. She will guide my hand over to her leg and move it up and down it softly or move it on the inside part of her leg or even move my hand further up her leg near the "special spot". I don't know if this is a sign to me or what but I mean she seems to really like me runnin my fingers up and down her legs. Is this turning her on or somthing? b/c it seems to get her really flirty when I do this. Can running your hand up and down a girls leg turn her on? If you can explain this to me I would really appraciate it thanx for your comments PLEASE LEAVE ADVICE SOON IM SEEING HER TOMOROW. later yal

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