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Confused love -Poem-

Unkown One

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What have I done?

What was I thinking?

Why have I left you?

What will I do?


I have destroyed the relationship

To let some other guy trample my path

All of my history

Will be dusted away in your past.


I loved you more then my life itself

But I left you like it was nothing else

You will soon find a guy

And have love for someone new


The love was so extraordinarily strong

That I should have realized my outcome was wrong

The reason I left you cannot be explained

But by one word – Stupid


I have no one else to love

My life has already crumbled

I can not believe

That this relationship is done.


I know its not one of them typical rhyming poems, but it all came to my head in a flash, and as you can see my girlfriend and I have just broke up, but I still love her so much, but cannot get her back unless she wants me back

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