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rebound relationships

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it appears i was just that. ........a rebound relationship.

since i fell for this girl very hard im really disapointed.

would the best advice to be just walk away from this situation and dont look back? she has called once in the last two weeks. i returned the call only to leave a message that hasnt been returned. she just kinda stopped any sort of anything with me. rumor has it maybe somone else in the picture. should i just take the hit on the chin and walkaway??

do these type of things ever last? i feel 1" tall knowing that i was just a "thing" to help her build her confidence. i feel used and in a sense alittle dirty.

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Hey happy, that sucks, . I would say leave her alone for now. If there was anything there, she'll return that voice message in the future. Don't call her though. The balls in her court. and if you find out then things you don't want to hear, if she does ever calls back. Dump her and like brando said, date other girls. Easier said than done sometimes, I know. goodluck

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I think she is seekign attention from guys. that is what my galfrds told me when i broke up with my ex, i would try to catch all guys coming into my life not tat i really like them just tat i want someone to b with me when i am alone. when u just finished a long term relationship, u r so used to b with someone and all of a sudden u r by urself. so wat do u do, u seek for attention, u seek for someone who can give u the shoulder and accompany. we are all selfished, we want to be looked after and loved. Sometimes u also hav to think of the consequences, am i hurting someone to please myself ? i won't suggest to do so since u might just wake up one morning knowing u have made a big mess of ur luv life or someone's luv life and feel guilty abt it. I believe sooner or later she will realize she has wasted alot of time trying to make guys think she is attractive but deep down she is very insecure, and would hate to be rejected. Hopefully u could understand this from a gals perspective and it is just bad timing for u to come into her life at this stage. Next time be wise, u dun hav to b someone's "lifeboat".

dun worry, be happy!

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the hard part is that she said "i need to be single.........i dont want to see anyone else right now but work on things slowly with you. i have been asked out acouple times but i didnt see any potential like i see with you".


where does that leave me? i guess ditched, played, used for her benefit.

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Hey, ofcoz she would say tat! if she says it to u, she can say the samething to the other guys. If u had someone to like u why would u want to throw it away? As i have said, we want to be loved by other ppl and the happiness comes from being loved not loving someone.

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suprema.............she wanst to be single beacause she has just gotten out of a 6 year long relationship. i dont beleiev it was anything i did.

i found out a week ago or so there might be another guy in the picture...............thats why i question what she said to me.

she said one thing and is doing the complete opposite.

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my bestfriend and his fiance introduced us. the fiance and her are friends.

my bestfriend told me that he;s heard conversations while the two of them have been at there condo. so when my bestfriend told me.....i thought that was a good enough source.

she said that before i heard about the other guy. she said this like two weeks ago. im confused

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Walk away. If she wants back in your life, let her earn her way back into your good graces. It doesn't matter why she's only called you once in two weeks and has failed to return messages. It only matters that she hasn't.


Btw I know it's hard, but don't feel used. I'm sure you let things go a little quicker than usual, because she was introduced too you by a close friend. Next time though please be sure to take things slowly especially if you're involved with someone who's just gotten out of a long term relationship. Sex is never just sex. It's the lifeline to a whole of emotions that are best left untouched until both people love and trust each other enough to handle them.

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