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I knot this probably looks like im contradicting myself with my post from below, but i have a question. my Girlfriend and I have been going out for 3 days now. we saw eachother and talked for about 5 months before this.. and knew we liked eachother for about a month and a half. we held hands and hugged a lot.. but i wait a little longer with kissing. 2 days before i asked her out... we were sitting on her bed... and got really close and both went for it... that turned into this crazy makeout thing. it was really really amazing. the the same day i asked her out, we made-out again in my car. Its really great and i enjoy it.. but i dont want it to turn into all we do, because im crazy about her, and then if making out gets boring one day, then well have nothing left. so how do i make sure of that?

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if making out gets boring one day, then well have nothing left


Kind of unlikely to happen after only 3 days of dating. Keep in mind, that there is more to a relationship than just the physical aspect. Don't rush her, yourself or the relationship. The beauty of relationships and sharing great moments is building and growing them - together.

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You can always take her on dates to places where making out is really hard to do.


Unless you two are into that exhibitionist sort of stuff. And if you are, cool!


But yes, if you want a break from it. Take her to a family resturant, than to an amusement park or something.


Good luck!

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As you grow together, when one thing gets boring you'll both be ready to do more, and it will evolve on its own. This is how it was for me at least. Over the course of a year and 3 months my bf and I never got bored, and we never had sex either, so it wasn't like we just skipped to that.

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You see her less and do other things while you're with her. Go for a walk in a park and feed the birds, go walk in the mall, rent or go see a movie, play a board game with her, visit the bookstore, go for a bike ride, visit a museum or national park . .. .there's lots to do kid. On days you don't make out with her, it will build some tension. This is a good thing. This tension is released next time you make out with her. Sporadic is good. Unpredictable make-out sessions are the best. Plus, it makes you more interesting to her.

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