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Ok, I ran out of ideas on what to do with my hair... I've spiked it up already both short and long... Both on the top only and all around as well. Right now it's pretty long, so I've spiked it up a couple of times, but since it takes so long to do, I haven't done it in a while (and it looks huge when I do so... Remember that goth guy from the butterfly effect... Well, my spikes are not that much smaller than his...). So, I just wanna do something to my hair that's out of the ordinary (the long spikes were... Only like 2 other ppl had it that way...)... I'd try short spikey again, but it seems like it's a trend now and everybody's got that haircut now (not like back when I first got it...). So, I'd just like ideas on what to do with my hair... My friend says I should grow it out so I can look like a metalhead, but I say I don't wanna wait that long, cause it's not nearly that long yet, and in my opinion, I look pretty lame as I am right now... It's not like it suits my personality. I've seen a couple of punk rocker guys (one in California and one who goes to this school, but I dunno if he does it anymore...) who had their hair in a particular way that had a weird texture, and it was pretty long too, but I thought it looked cool, but I dunno how to do that. Btw, if there's one thing I like about punk rock, I'd have to say it's the hair, cause I don't really like the music, lol (no offense to those who do like it...). So, any suggestions would be fine (and also maybe some instructions + tips on how to do it). Thank you and best wishes.

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Oh, one more thing: I don't want anything that includes dyeing it... I like my natural black color. I had thought of doing something like shaving, or maybe cutting really short the sides and back and spiking the top only... But I dunno if it'd look too weird (you know how judging ppl are... and I hate it... Or should I not care?).

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