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I dated this girl almost a year and it is my first love..

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For starters.. im 17 and I dated this girl for several months. Well everything was going perfect and it was solid for like 6 months.. which is the longest ive ever dated someone for.. Well we fell n love n stuff... and it was still perfect.. but then I started getting jelous very easily??? I dont know why but it really messed everything up.. She started losing interest in me or something.. n we started arguing a lot.. about stupid things. I dont understand why... were we sick of eachother? I did see her pretty much everyday. after we had many arguments I got mad n told her it was over between us n we should take a break.. Well that was a big mistake because I love her.. guys are dumb. Well after trying everything to get her back.. she chose to take the other path.. yea she started dating a very unattractive guy. Im not sure why... but she said she liked him... but neway.. a couple weeks later she cheated on the guy. with someone else..dunno why she would do that.. but then she went to california for the summer.. well me n her kept in touch n she called me every once in a while n we talked online everyother nite. I dont know what she thinks of me now.. I mean ive dated other girls! But nothing compares to her. She is coming back to ohio in 3 days and we are supposed to hang out.. Man Im pretty nervous.. how should I act?? its going to be petty akward. I was talking to her online tonite and she says


"jrm: do me a favor?

lilp123: sure?

jrm: Go outside. Look at the stars. And the moon. And think of me.

jrm: And think that I'm under that same starry sky looking at the stars and the moon thinking about you also


Why would she say something like that??


It got me thinking.. is she leading me on, messing with me, or does she still like me


I dont know what to think???

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My ex cheated on me, and did exactly what yours is doing now. She screwed with my head, started dating someone almost straight away, cheated on him as well and then called me and said stuff like what yours said. Get out, cut contact with her. You won't get better, only worse, take it from me with first hand experience.

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