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any suggestions??

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ok heres my problem. My boyfriend and i have started getting pretty sexual by doing stuff like oral and fingering ect. Anyways the thing is i can pleasure him no big deal but no matter how many times he trys with me i cannot seem to have an orgasm....dont get me wrong it feels really good and there have been times where hes gotten me so SO close to cumming, but then he stops and says his tongue is to tired. I personally dont really like having people finger me, i suppose i might but i cant do it when im doing it to myself and my boyfriend cant do it so i dont know. Ive told him what feels good, its not like we dont talk enough cause we talk A LOT and he feels really bad that he cant "please" even though it does make me feel good. I dont know what to do.....ive given him websites that he can go to to "learn" how to please me but i dont know if he will go to them or not. I think it would be awesome if we could both be pleased by eachother rather than just me giving him pleasure. And i dont want to have sex until im married so thats out of the question. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions that would be AWESOME!!!



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To me it sounds like it's more of a chore and goal of getting you to cum, versus him being totally in to it? That probably due to his ego being eroded somewhat so now he has to compete with himself. Does he seem to enjoy going down on you? To some guys, 20 minutes down there is the first half of a college basketball game or a few innings of baseball. And to miss that...well you can imagine how that can be.


All kidding aside, maybe he should relax more and focus on building up to climax. I love going down on a woman and my ex once joked and dug into her purse after I gave her oral and said "here's my checkbook and credit cards...if I have to buy you and your tongue/mouth to keep you I will." No doubt one of the best experiences in my life...


I guess it's tough for some guys and some don't even like it. Again, I think the whole build up is key. He should also focus on other key erogenous zones on your body instead of munching away like crazy (if that is what he's doing).


Just be careful though...while it's rare and noble to see you want to wait for your wedding night, you can still get an STD if he or anyone is not wrapping it up.

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best thing to do if his tongue gets tired.. get a lil virbrator... for clitoral stimulation... because if his tongue gets tired he can just continue using that.... and u can use it on him too... guys love it hwen u put it on their nether regions... i know my bf loves it haha... just get a lil one. so he doesnt feel like hes too small thats why u dont want to do him, hehe

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