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I want to ask this girl out

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There's a girl at my work who I have been spending a lot of time with during breaks, etc. and have been just getting to know her better. I gave her a ride home today because we got off early and her friend wasn't coming to pick her up till later. She said she wasn't doing anything this weekend and when I dropped her off she gave me her phone number and said to call her if I wanted to do anything this weekend. I want to do soemthing with her but I'm not sure when/how soon I should call her or what to do even. There's one catch though, she might have a boyfriend. I'm not really sure, but she did have one a few weeks ago. So that's really why I'm not sure what to do with her, because I'm not sure whether she just wants to be friends with me, or if it's more than that.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks. -justme

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she wants you to ask her out. She hinted that she's free this weekend and she gave you her phone number. The boyfriend thing sounds a bit weird though, but you could call her and ask if she'd like to hang out (which is what she wanted, boyfriend or not). You could figure out when you meet whether or not she has a boyfriend.. by asking her.


I'd bet she doesn't have a boyfriend and want you to ask her out though.

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I agree, that more than likely she is interested with the fact that she did you give her forms of access to her & even mentioned about hanging out.


However, there is always the slight possiblity she is simply the friendly outgoing type & is treating you friendly for being nice to her as well regardless if she has a bf or not. I have a friend & when she had a bf she went to the movies with another guy b/c she thought it would be purely platonic. You can find out more details once you start talking or hanging out with her more.


From my experiences with guys, even if its past guys who I knew & felt platonic towards. However they had a crush on me b4 I met my bf, I would try to avoid meeting them up 1-on-1 so that my bf would not feel jealous & I would expect the same from him as well.

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Sounds like she's interested. Did she say had a boyfriend or are you getting this through the grapevine? If you guys work in the same area, does she have any pics or her [potential] bf?


I don't know, but I'd be hard pressed to give a female co-worker my phone number and let her know that I'm free, if I were in a relationship. Call me crazy, but I don't think my gf would take too kindly to that.


In any case, take her up on the offer, hang out and see what happens. Even if nothing worked out, you could still be friends, right? If she had a bf weeks ago, it could be a rebound situation - kinda hard to tell. Play it by ear and see what happens.


Good luck

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We don't have desks or anything like that where we work, so she doesn't have any pictures in the area she works in, and she's never showed me any pictures. She mentioned something her "man" does one time and I think told me his name, other than that it's just other people at work have told me. One person at works said he has been in a relationship with her at one point and that it's not unusual for her to be in more than one relationship at a time.

I definetely think she is interested because she has said she isn't the type to go out of her way to make friends.

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