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need some ideas, feels like my last chance...

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well my best friend is moving away to another school, he hasnt signed up to be enrolled yet, hes still thinking about it, but thigns are looking like hes going to leave and go to the new school. The reason he is wanting to leave is because he thinks that no one likes him, and even though that is sortof true, i want to make him feel really good and have the best night of his life. i feel like i have one chance to change his mind and make him think differently, like people do like him. cuz i do and i'd really miss all the things we've done that are stupid.


so what i was going to do is throw a surprise party for him. I just dont know exactly what kind or how to do it. I do have some ideas though. We just put a pool in, its in the process of being finished and will be finished by this weekend, its a 18x33 above ground pool and i really didnt want to invite people over until we finished the deck and waterfall etc etc that we were going to put with it. Plus, we are doing a whole lot of remodeling at my house and no one has been inside my house, and it is pretty big so i wouldnt want people to come to my house and see the inside and think "i expected a whole lot more" but maybe it shouldnt matter, cuz i think its worth it this one time. but i need some ideas desperately, this is sortof a last minute idea, ive been trying to think of something to do for him, and i thought of it and jumped on here to ask for help lol.



here is what i have so far, i have a friend who has a key to our towns Old Junior High, and they rent out the gym in it and people usually throw parties there and play bball and stuff. we have really close birthdays (which is next week) and were gonan throw it together. so i was gonna tell him we could rent the gym and have it there. but then when we get there i dont want anyone to show up, and for a little while he'll feel bad and i will pretend to feel the same way, i'll ask him to go somewhere else with me, and when we get there "SURPRISE"! haha... thats my plan. but please please help.


thank you guys so much! in advance.


oh, and u think i should talk to his parents about it so they will know?i had planned on it.

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That's a good idea. Show him that he will be missed when he goes to his new school. Yah, it would be a good idea to rent the gym. You could go off to the mall with him and then convince him to head to the gym. Then I am sure he would definetly be surprised. Maybe have some dancing, or other games to keep it going. Also, yes it would be a good idea to tell his parents. Hope everything goes well!

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