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Hi: New to this forum. I come, looking for feedback and thoughts.

First some background:

- Im 25

- Have a business degree

- Commercial pilots ticket / Instructor rating

- 7 Months out of a 3 yr relationship and still hurting

- Currently have a great business related job making 50kplus


I started out wanting to be a pilot, but Sep.11 really crushed my aspirations in the industry.. Very brutal, although still love to fly. Then spent the next few years trying to get into a police department.. My recreational drug use in university held me back.. I feel like Im finally close to getting in 4 yrs later, however the lifestyle that comes with getting into the police means squeeky clean decisions...... For example, when I go to a party and someone starts smoking a joint I have to leave (For Integrity Reasons)!


Being recently single, Im soooo frustrated trying to meet new people but having these limitations.... I cant count the # of times I've left great parties with very nice people who arent drugies, but there happens to be a few there. I feel like I'm ready to give up on the police! Besides I have a good start to a career... My buddy is an airtraffic controller making 100k and hes 26.. He might be able to get me in....


Given this limited info WHAT SHOULD I DO!?


I kind of feel like giving up on the police is a COP out, but then again I have to live me life..


Thanks all.

PS Im from Canada where pot is rampant, and policing is a respected career (more than the states)

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Don't know about Canada, but here in the States, all of the regional airlines are on a hiring frenzy!!! I am a pilot too, workin' my way up the ladder.... ATC would be cool, but it's pretty stressfull and boring at times from talking to a friend who does it for a living... good luck with whatever you decide.

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It depends which job you would rather do.


If you've set your heart on the police and you never try it then in years to come you might keep thinking if only I'd joined the police I could've been an inspector or something by now. If you joined the police you would have a variety of crimes to deal with.


Or on the other hand is the Air Traffic Controllers job better because of the money? However, is it going to be a set routine? Would you get bored easily.


There's only you who can decide which job is better suited to your personality.


Either way it sounds like you're going to have a great job!


Good luck for the future.

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You should choose a career that you will love doing. Not everything is about money, but I can see where that can be appealing.


I used to be a consultant and made $70K+ right after college. But after a while I my heart wasn't into it despite the great pay. I think when you are young it's okay to be do a brief stint like that. Lord knows it helped me pay off my college loans and buy a house. However, you gotta make sure that you are focused on something long-term.


Regardless of the loads of money, I think it's far more valuable to be a much learned person and be passionate about something that have nothing at all.


Maybe you should be a Narc? ;-)~

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Im in the same situation man, I got into the state patrol stationed in the big city at age 20 and stayed for 6 months before i left for a higher paying job ($15k more) installing police radios and working on the county radio system. Man somtimes it is so boring, same thing everyday but the paycheck isint. I finally found a police job that pays the same as a rookie and gives takehome cars. They are looking for 100 officers. Im currently sceduled to take the exam. Im so torn between the jobs (safe boring job vs. exciting job). Imean Im not married so why not?

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Thanks Stormy_Sunshine.....


I guess at the end of the day I gotta keep things in perspective.. Its funny how things are all relative...


I've learned the other side of the fence isnt greener, but I guess I have to remind myself that..


All have great advice, thanks - Please keep it coming... PS who else thinks aviation sucks right now? Specially in Canada!

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