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Report: Things are going well


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For those who had followed my story, I would like to say that things have been going pretty good for me (and my wife and family.) Yes, my wife is 8 weeks pregnant and we both are excited about it. For a while we thought we were going to be having twins and we were a little nervous about that, but a single baby has been confirmed. Whew! We didn't think we could handle possibly two more boys, much less two more kids in general all at once.


The problem had been me the whole time. I am hoping it was just a crappy stage I was going through. I really don't know what "turned me around" but it was like something had just "snapped" and I didn't even feel so bad anymore. I think part of it was after talking to my old best friend one night. We were talking and we kind of got into a slight argument about things we had said before to each other. It started when I mentioned to her I never knew if I was talking to her or the beer she was always drinking when we talked. (After I brought up something she told me that she didn't even remember because she was probably drinking.) She was upset and, I guess, hurt and I was just a little mad. Then out of the blue she just "had to go." After that conversation, I just completely started thinking of her in a whole different way. I was disappointed in her and that fact that she never seemed to have grown up, how much she has become an alcoholic, and how much I was in some way "disgusted" in her. I mean, what was I thinking? My old feelings for her had just disappeared completely almost over night. And the horrible thing about it, I almost don't care how she feels about me anymore. I don't feel compelled to email her or chat with her like I did before. I feel sorry for her but there is nothing for me to do. She needs help, not me.


Maybe that was the real thing that made me snap. I don't know. All I know is I feel better and I am doing fine.

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