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man this is getting at me....read!

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ok so me and my gf have been going out for about 8 months..we have gone out 3 times over the past 3 years..im 17 shes 15..anywayz..every month we go thru this time that we barely talk! and it just gets at me!..we havnt talked for the past 4 days now...and i dont no why!..this ushally happeneds during the summer more..but during school time we are all cool and talk..i mean she lives like 2 secs from my house but theres really nothing to do at her house..and she sleeps ALL DAY..her figgen sleeping pattern is retard..anywayz..what should i do?i cant talk to ehr about it cuz it wont go no where and shes the type of girl to not talk about that stuff..

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It sounds like she could be suffering PMS/PMT. This would make her go into funny moods every month.


Mark on a calendar every month when this occurs and if there's a pattern you'll know it's to do with her periods.


If it is then work out how many days are inbetween then you can forcast when its going to happen the next time.


I know it's difficult for boys/men to deal with us around this time but it's not an easy ride for us either.


Try and be a little more sensitive to her needs.


Hope this helps.


PM me anytime.

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As said, it could very well be PMS. The mood swings and whole basket of symptoms, some women are worse than others during that point in time. This may be it.


You said she tends to be more moody during the Summer but during school she is fine. Maybe something is happening at home that she hasn't told you about, something is upsetting/depressing her. It could be a wide range of things. I'd think this more likely because PMS (from my experience anyhow) doesn't usually swing and become more severe during a couple summer months and fine most of the rest of the time.


Just have to coax her into talking. Not push of course, if she is moody, she'd probably tell you something you'd rather not hear, and most definitely not the answer. If she is open enough with you and you work with her, it will eventually come out in full, it should anyways. See if that then helps the situation any.

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