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At one point, after continuous hurt in life, I really thot tht it ended when I really found my soulmate - the right person, at the right time and right place. We were so happy and compatible together in every single way. We cried together thru our hardtimes together, we feel the pain and the gain together.


But, in just a snap, he could even have the heart to take decision to leave me and get married. I totally lose my rationality and I turn out to be so rude that I have no nice words tht I thrown to him then just all bad and harsh words to him. I couldn't take and accept this fact for the rest of my life.


He was the one who struggle with the effort to win my heart altho before tht i have not a slightest other feelings towards him than just normal frens. He was the one who strive to proof himself as the saviour for all the pain tht i ever faced before, with men and family. He was the one who consistently convinced me tht he couldn't have the heart to hurt such a wonderful girl tht has loved and appreciate him so much sincerely and nurture him with a pure heart which I did.


But, he was the one who destroy all that I ever felt as a human being and a gud person. I pour him with all the curse words..I couldn't stand to hear or to imagine that he is so damn enjoying his life with his so rich wife who never had the pain in life, who each time get what she wish for in easy way, who never have to work hard to get the wealthy tht she is enjoying in life, who never had to be his soulmate in order to get him for her life partner.


Life is so UNFAIR to me...why for every effort tht I have put and show to my soulmate, I dun deserve his sacrification to follow my religion and get married? Just due to religion issues tht he couldn't even give more time and chances for me to show til he is openly willing to convert to my religion, he took the solution "GETTING MARRIED TO THE OTHER LADY THT HE IS NOT LOVED MUCH" as the most FAIR SOLUTION for both of us...even I begged and cried like hell to him not for him to get married, he was heartless to say no...how in just a snap he could forget all that we had intimately shared together thru our hearts...


But, everyone I've told would blame me for cursing him with harsh words. They said, it shows how insincere my love was towards him. Why people could even stabbed me more? Why mustn't I feel so deeply damn hurt and wounded til it developed so much hatred towards him who totally killed my trust and love over men for his betrayal actions? Why must he was the one who hurt me so much but he get to be so happy with his wife while I am here and get hurt all alone each day??? Where is the justice in life?? He is the dumper but he didn't even regret it, yet he is happy and enjoy....while I'm here couldn't hide the very deep wound in my heart no matter how many things I've done to forget it and move on with life...??? And why deep down in my heart tht I still yearn for him to come back to me and be with me for the rest of my life??? Why didn't he care to put the effort to show as what he ever sweared to me in tears...he sweared that he would do anything for me....???

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Alright, first, I am not sure why you put your post on gay and lesbian when you are a girl and he is a guy unless you had a sex change operation but I guess all that is besides the point.

A. Your love is sincere otherwise you wouldn't hate him. The opposite of love when dealing with romantic relationships isn't hate it is ambivalence (or an ambivalent contempt).

B. They probably aren't as happy as you think. That is all in your imagination. esp if he has the kinda character you claim he has.

C. Before I say more I want you to tell me more about what happened and how this girl came into the picture. How long ago did all this happen?

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