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Emergency date Ideas

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ok...first date is tomorrow.....1. She doesn't drink. 2. She is not comfortable being in the water. I say this because i had suggested going to the beach with bunch of friends, she said she is not a beach person and doesn't really like the water....??? Anyways...it is supposed to be DISGUSTING tomorrow...Hazy, hot, humid, 95 degrees. What can we do??? We are hanging out during the day. I need some ideas as it is going to be hot as all He*%. But I don't really feel like sweating like a pig outside. I am sure she wouldn't really want to go to a movie during the day and also that is not a real good first date idea..IMO. Please help.

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If she is not a beach person and you are, better call the whole thing off



Hmmm, you could go for some ice cream, run through sprinklers in the backyard. Go for lunch and people watching on a patio (and she does not have to drink...there are still non-alcoholic drinks after all). Go for a hike in the shaded trail. On hot muggy days, its tougher to organize things outside if you don't want to sweat. Heck, I would be all over going for a hike/bike ride/rollerblade then going for some well deserved Slurpees or Ice Cream, but that's just me

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