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Is she supressing her feelings or did they go away?

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hey everyone, My ex called 2-3 weeks ago and said she missed me and wanted to find out if the feelings were still there by kissing me. She wanted to talk about it for a week and she said she still was attracted to me and cared about me and missed me, even though she is involved w/someone. I said what about her boyfriend and she said she loves and is in love w/her boyfriend, and I believe her. She asked me what she should do about kissing me and I didn't know what to say but that I still cared for her. Well we never kissed or anything and she just kind of dropped the subject. I just didn't say much to her about the whole thing. I feel she tries to get a jealous reaction out of me sometimes by talking about her boyfriend, but I always just say "that's great" and just act non jealous.


We have been broken up for a long time (a year), and have remained friends off and on and the last time we had sex was last March before she hooked up w/her boyfriend. I never initiate contact w/her and just let her do it.


Well I am wondering what she is thinking now because she isn't talking to me about wanting to kiss me anymore, but she is just calling randomly to chat and is not bringing up any "I miss you and want to kiss you talk." I am not bringing it up either, I have been very cool talking to her and am just acting like her friend, not jealous or anything.

Did the feelings just go away all of a sudden for her? Is it possible for them to go away just like that or is she supressing them?


When you are wanting to kiss someone and still care for them and are attracted to them will the feelings get stonger until it happens or is it possible for them to go away?

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I don't think she knows what she wants!


She's realised that the new boyfriend isn't 'all that'! So she's come back for a kiss to see if she's made a mistake.


It's obvious that neither you or the bf are what she's looking for. There's something missing and she's trying to find out what it is!


Remain friends with her. If she asks for a kiss in the future make sure you give her a firm No!


Hope you find someone else soon.


Good luck.

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hey ya i agree she sounds CONFUSED TO THE MAX. it seems that she does still have some feelings for you but it could be just the whole past thing. i mean the whole ex issue you just always remember the steamy moments and its hard to just forget about it. and when you current flame isnt so hot or you dont have a current flame then the ex seems veryyyy enticing. she may have been having a rough patch with her bf and was regretting it. she couldve juts been horny that day. because she wanted to kiss you doesnt mean she was suddenly ATTRACTED TO YOU vs. not attracted. it could be just something going on at the time. thereforeeee it wasnt like her feelings switched on and off it was her situation that changed. just a possibility however lol. but bottom line is that shes confused. and i think you're doing well. acting very cool about everything. if she talks about it let her if she wants to try something be straight up and say look im not here for you to just play with to test especially when your dealing with someone. its just not right. see her reaction if it does come up later. but ya shes conflicted. let her be. keep playing it cool. and dont hope too much about it. i think you should bring up some random girl...dont need to lie just talk about someone you might have met or something see if it gets to her at all. if she does breka up with her bf then its fair game and you can do what you want.

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