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Fitness Peeps.....Where am I going wrong?

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My fellow enotaloners...... ,


I need your help with this as I really don't understand where I am going wrong. I am a woman in my late twenties and I stand at 5'9 inches......(just for the record).......I have managed to go from 71 to 78 kilos in one year, after which I freaked out about 3 weeks ago and took up the gym...(by the way, most of this fat settled on my tummy/thighs)......(I go 3times a week.)


After my second week, I jumped on the scale and discovered I was 75kilos..... Suprisingly, after the 3rd week, I seem to be back to 77kilos.... ..this really depresses me as I can't figure out where I am going wrong. My normal routine is as follows:


15 minutes on the bike at level 7-9 (I alternate)

10 minutes on the cross trainer at level 6-9

10 minutes on the rower

5 minutes on the step machine (my legs can't handle this machine at all)


after which I go to the weights section and use the leg/arm machines on average weight 50. Now, I forgot to tell you this, my main problem is my thunder-thighs and my buddha belly......... ....well, my friends say its not that bad, but I feel bad about it and that's all that matters....by the way, I used to weigh 65kilos about 3 years ago!!


I have cut down on my eating and snack on nuts/crystallized fruits all day at work (I work in an office 9-5, which means I am sitting all day) and have a sandwhich for lunch/drink loads of water/snack on cereal bars etc......basically I snack mainly on unsalted nuts (almonds/peanuts/cashew nuts)......and the occasional fruit (when I get a chance to buy them)....then I go to the gym and have a proper dinner at home!!!!!!


My main problem now is that my thighs seem to be getting bigger and my gut is really starting to drive me nuts.....although the scale seems to tell me that I have lost something, I can't see it.......if anything I feel like a bloated p*i*g*.....can anyone help me with my routine or tell me where I might be going wrong............as I've cut out chocolate for this!!


Thanks guys......looking forward to your honesty!

S2L for life.......xxx

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OK weighing yourself straight after excercise will yield a lower result than weighing yourself say...after dinner or in the morning. The reason is, you just sweated out a lot of water. Try weighing yourself in the morning after you go to the toilet, and do the same thing EVERYTIME you weigh yourself.


Also don't be surprised if you gain a bit of weight initially...as this is new strenuous activity, your body will respond by initially storing fat to burn in the case of an emergency, once it becomes more routine, and things have settled down in your body, it should go away.


Lastly, excercise adds muscle mass, muscle weighs more than fat, so rather than use your weight as a measure, get a skin grab test done or something of the like which should give you a much more accurate measure of how you are doing.

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Working out might help you maintain your weight, but in your case it obviously hasn't helped you to lose any...


If you want to slim down, you will have to restrict your food consumption. When you are trying to lose weight, it matters what your caloric intake is, not so much what you eat specifically (although it doesn't hurt to keep it healthy). Your body can convert any food into fat, and if it does to the point of you getting fat, you must begin restricting yourself.


I noticed you put a big emphasis on snacking on nuts... Well, nuts are probably the most fattening 'healthy' food out there--a cup of almonds contains as many calories as a Whooper. With cheese. And dried fruit is no better--that's just very, very concentrated sugar. Fruit sugar, but sugar no less. Might as well be eating that chocolate you've been craving.


Try keeping a food journal, and write down the exact calories for everything you eat (I did that at one point, and I was amazed at how much stuff I eat every day--a lot more than my boyfriend). Oh, beware and be careful: women tend to underestimate how much they consume by as much as 20%, which comes down to... How about 13kg over 3 years for you?


So, ditch the nuts and fruit, and pick up some fresh crunchy vegetables. Baby carrots, fresh spinach, brocolli and bell peppers are all a great choice and very delicious. Forget about proper suppers, and cut your regular portions in half--I am willing to bet money that you will lose the weight in no time.


Try to sign up for some cardio classes at your gym so you can do aerobic exercise longer (most classes are at least an hour long and give you a balanced workout), but mostly, watch what you eat, and how much of it.


Good luck!


PS. Ah, it is hard to type with one hand while holding my slice of key lime pie in the other and pretending to study at 5 am. I am blessed to be one of those girls who can eat whatever they like and not gain weight, so I guess I am not exactly qualified to give weight loss advice... Maybe it is sports that keep me thin--I love being outside and jumping around.

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thanks guys..... .....however, what i gather from your response is that i must cut down what I eat........thereforeeee would I be right in assuming that weight loss is 80% based on food intake and not exercise as I am working my butt off in the gym!!!!! -and sweating like a pig!!!!

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its possible for you lose weight and just excercise but that means that you need to increase your excersizing to at least 5 times a week.


Personally I recommend diet and excercise. I would also recommend that you go to the gym more than 3 times a week, 4 times at a minimum and 5 would be better. Cardio and weight training are important. If you want to be realistic about your weight loss goals I wouldnt weigh yourself for 2 months and go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and diet. Then see how much you have lost.

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First, don't keep weighing yourself everyday. Use your mirror as a guage and the way you feel and the way your clothes fit, also.


If you are working out 4 or 5 times a week, its essential that you drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.


Pick yourself up a multivitamin. There are alot of multi-vitamins out there that are designed just for women. Instead of eating nuts and dried fruit during work, grab yourself a protein bar or make a protein shake and bring it with you to work.


You should be eating 4-6 small meals a day, instead of the normal 3 meals. A protein bar or a protein shake can account for one of the meals. Make sure you eat breakfast, this will jumpstart your metabolism and prevent over eating later in the day.


If you really want to burn the fat, go for a run before your morning shower. Your body needs energy for this and it will convert your fat to energy since you are on an empty stomach. Dont go all out if you start to do this, do 10 mins one day, 12 the next time and so on.


When you're in the gym, go over to the bike or tread mill and warm up for 5 mins. Then do some stretching. After that, start your weightlifting routine. It shouldn't last more than 35 mins and between sets only rest 30 secs to 1 minute. Your sets should consist of 3 sets at 10 reps a set. DOnt worry you wont bulk up, you'll tone up.


If you only lift 3 times a week, then you should be doing a full body workout, with a day of rest in between, for ex. MOn, wed, and fri. If you choose to lift 5 times a week, I would recommend a body part a day. For ex. mon-back, tues-shoulders, wed-legs, thur-chest, fri-arms.


After the weightlifting, jump on the cardio for atleast 20 mins, then stretch afterwards.


A 3 day routine should last no more than an hour and 20 mins, a 5 day routine should last no more than 50 mins.


Foods to eat, chicken, fish(has omega 3 fats, these are the good fats and are a must have), veggies and fruit. Lots of water and if u must drink soda, make it diet, if you must drink coffee, don't add sugar. Also snack on yogurt. You can eat nuts but eat the recommended serving size, nuts are good but only in limited amounts. Its all about self-control and self-discipline. good luck

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It's very much necessary that you keep your water levels up. There's no point working out if you're not getting rid of the toxins, and water is a good way to do that.


Weighing yourself - Do it weekly and in the morning after using the bathroom.


Working out is not all about losing the weight, it's also about feeling better and healthier.

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Hey gal, I've graduated with an exercise physiology degree so you'd think I'd know something right??? I hope...

Welp I have learned that balancing strength training (weights and such) with cardio is a good way to go for day to day fitness (just looking good, no body building contests ) So switching up your exercise rutine, and trying a variety of things is interesting and helpful. Try alternating work out days by strength and cardio. Focus on strength training one day (bench press, your fav. machines, dumbells, body pump, pilates) and on your next work out day focus on cardio (bike, step aerobics, dance aerobics, or any favorite aerobic activity). You should also choose the exercises that are your favorite. Don't force yourself into exercises that you hate... this will trigger loss of interest and loss of positive endeavor. Pick your favorites, if you're ADD like me, mix it up. Try something different everyday at your gym.

Targeting the area: Pilates are good for stomach and simple walking or step machine (your fav ) is good for legs and thighs.

As for nutrition you seem to have a pretty good food plan. Just remember that carbohydrates start the fat burning cycle (beta-oxydation) but too many carbs (over 500 calories) trigger insulin to release and convert carbs to fat. So balance is the key. Eat less carby things at night. Hope this helps someway. feel free to message me whenever.

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Hi there............it's Friday!!!!!!


Thanks for that swimraider, ComputerGuy, Demond34, darkblue, confusedgirl23, day_walker and my brethren Beec..(much respect)...........I really appreciate all you input (everybody) and you will be glad to know that I came into work today and have ditched the NUTS!!! I have searched so may diet websites and have had so many different opinions on what to snack on at work (I admit I am a bit of a snackaholic!!! )......somehow, I was led to believe that snacking on NUTS was healthy......


So today, I have graduated to prunes/papaya/apricots etc and next week, I have promised myself that I will be bringing carrot sticks & humous/fruits/those seedy things to work.......as I feel I really need to work harder on this. I will also increase my visits to the gym (make it 4 days as my other commitments won't allow me to do more) and I will indulge in Pilates.


The good news is I am educating myself further and doing more research............'cos this time next year (Summertime in London)......I'm going to be fit and healthy and the best bit is......I'm gonna be one of those babes that you can't help applauding........I already am, but I want it to me more about the body than the face.....get it??? (I know y'all are feeling me)


My fellow enotaloners...........I SALUTE YOU!!! Keep the advice coming as I need/appreciate it!!!!! Cheers!!! \


Peace and love,

The Londoner,


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its all about the diet (food that youre eating) believe it or not, U HAVE TO EAT MORE TO LOOSE THE WEIGHT. i dont mean eat like crazy, but eat 5-6 small meals a day. this will boost youre metabolism. figure out a good diet plan that you WILL stick with. its all about the diet. you have to figure it out first otherwise youll be wasting youre time at the gym. gl

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