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will somebody please talk to me....

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i'm really having a hard time... i don't really even want to live cuz i don't feel like i have anything to live for. my mom is the type she won't let me have "any friends" or "any girl" that i want, they have to have that big stamp on them that says "mom approved" you know what i mean?


Right now im in a spot that i only have one person that i care about and thats my friend, theres only 500 people in my school, 200 of them are guys, and theres one person i like who i have a lot in common with... well the problem with him is all the heck he has caused me. now my life is way down in the slums and im 6 feet under, and now he decides that he wants to change schools.... i think back on all the things we've ever done, and all the fun we've ever had... and now he's leaving.. just like that, he has a decision, its up to him if he wants to stay in the school with me, or go to the other school... we're going to be sophomores next year with only 3 years of school left. i just feel awful, and like i have nothing to look forward to, my mom hates my girlfriend and wont let me talk to her in any way at all or have any contact with her. and now my only "real friend" is gone... but hes so hard to talk to, and i dont know why, but he wont ever talk about any problems or anything going on.. it just blows my mind because i have no idea what is happening right now except i just feel like dieing, its 5 am, i havent had any sleep, and i wake up evrey night hating myself even more, i wanna burst out right now but hes laying on the couch and i think he's still awake. he thrives off my pain... i don't know how to let go of him, when he does move, he hasnt completely made up his mind yet though. this is killing me.... i just need someone to say something back to me.. anything, what do i need? theres just nothing there!!!!

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also, no one likes him here and when he moves to another scohol, i just have this feeling that everything is going to be perfect for him, and i hate it because of everything hes done to everyone here, and as miserable as i am, have been , and am going to be, thinking of him at another school living the perfect life kills me. its like he is getting away with murder because no one knows who he is, and nothing matters, no matter how bad it was, because everything will be new to him. this is eating away at me! all my friends are'nt any good, they aren't what i need, i have been friends with everyone, i hate dated almost every girl there is to date, no one matches or is compatible with me.. i almost want ot move to the other school with him, but how would that seem? he even said something about me going with him but to me, if i did go, i would see us still being pushed away form eachother, and everyone ive ever went to school with, i wouldnt have anymore, but not like i want them, because i dont like any of them, they just don't really mean anything to me, there's no one to choose from.


also at this other school, it hurts to think hes gonna have new friends that he may end up liking 100 times better than he ever liked me... i hate it. somone give me some words of wisdom.. please....

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my mom is the type she won't let me have "any friends" or "any girl" that i want, they have to have that big stamp on them that says "mom approved" you know what i mean?
I know what you mean, this kinda mom ruined one of my best friends . Now he's like a total snob/jerk.



Yeah man, looks like you need God in your life. If religion's not your thing, then no big deal. It helps to rely on something when you hit rough times (NOT drugs or alcohol) like playing guitar. I usually play guitar when I feel like ****, it helps a ton to play one of my favorite bands songs. Or writing your emotions out on paper.

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Hey man I'm around your age, and I HATE seeing suicide posts by young guys.. HATE it, It's a waste of life.

I know you're experiencing bad times, but you've only been alive for a single century. 3 years dude... and you'll be an adult, and you can leave your mom and she has NO say in what you do.


You have to keep your head up, once you start respecting yourself, people will notice that and see you have confidence, and that IS attractive.

You also have to have a serious talk with your mother, you may even want to bring her to this site and show her what you have posted and the replies you've gotten to it. SHE NEEDS TO CHANGE, and start supporting her teenage son when life is very difficult for you.


Plus, where I live, when you're 16.. you can get your license, is that the same with you?? IF so.. then you can be driving next year! That opens a whole new world man, and whenever you feel like getting out of the house, you can leave.. (be responsible.). Take your girlfriend out for a drive. Also, you need to convince your mom that your girlfriend is an awesome person, and she has to realize that she needs a concrete reason to dislike her or else she just sounds immature and juvenial.


Seems like your mom is the biggest problem in your life, and that is soo far from what reality should be. She has to realize the pressure it puts on you in school, and in life in general.


Good luck man. Keep your head up.

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I agree you should tell your mother what you posted here, show her how her over-protection is making you feel. be polite about it because it seems she's doing it out of love, but she needs to know whats going on. as far as your friend leaving your school goes, try spending time with him outside of school. I hope things improve for you


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