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my g/f says when anything fingers or me is inside of her it will feel good for a little then there will be pressure and it will hurt.... she thinks something is wrong with her and i think theres not is there anything i can do to help make it be fully pleasureful and not hurt.... thank you any help is appreciated.

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Hmm...I think you need to find out what she means by pressure...is it painful or uncomfortable? Because before a g-spot orgasm, there is a "pressure" there (sometimes even feels like you have to pee) which many women end up backing off from as it is strange...but it's worth pushing through


Also...keep your nails trim, and let her guide you with what you want - further in is not necessarily better unless she guides you to do so.

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thank you all for help... she is saying it doesnt hurt its just very very uncomfortable... her words "its like when something is in your teeth and you want it out because it is uncomfrotable but doesnt hurt" any mroe ideas... i am happy that all of your are helping me and her

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