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walk with me my love,


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you and I in midnight embrace

wrist to wrist, lips to lips

love in our eyes but death in our future

my two loves embracing me in my last breath

her arms as cold as death wrapped around me

and the darkness pulling me close as i fade away

I love her and i share my life with her as she with I

your blood trickles on my lips, the night of our last moment

Alone we were in life through torments undescribable

but together in death, always shall i think of you

As I speak my way into the gates of hell with bloodstained lips

your hand in mine we shall walk into the unknown

and when we sit, in our final resting place

with eternal rainclouds over head

hand in hand i know she is the one.

forever entombed by love

we shall live together in death


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stitch. i really miss talking to you. i wish i could find ur aim name again and take up talking to you. my mom has gone more psycho than ever and i have no internet now, i have to get on at the library to get online.

i think about you a lot, and actually have some of the stuff u wrote/wrote me saved in my room in a binder.

well i hope that you are doing okay, and remember you are a wonderful guy. when we talked online, just talking to you would make me smile. you saved me more than you know. thanks.

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