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Recently, I've been considering starting to write a journal at the end of each day. Just recording my thoughts and feelings that otherwise would go through my head and quickly disappear. I think it would help me form my ideas of what my life might become in college and beyond a bit more clearly.

Anyone here write a journal? Have you found that it has helped any?


I plan on writing an application in java or C++ to encrypt and decrypt to keep prying eyes to themselves. Also an excuse to hone my programming mad skillz 8)



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I keep a journal, i also write poetry so they kind of go hand in hand. I never really re read what i wrote until i was going through my divorce...amazing all the things that were written in my pages that i forgotten about or just werent on the conscious level. I was shocked about some of the thoughts and feelings i wrote down prior to us splitting up. It wasnt all bad, some good stuff in their as well.


Keep it dated daily, that is great, for if you intend to re read.


Also try live link removed.


Another member here Chai714 turned me onto that as well. I prefer a notebook/ journal and pen.


be well..

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Journals are fun and it's amazing how much has changed when a certain amount of time passes. I haven't kept one in a long time, but I sometimes read a passage or 2 from one that I wrote in high school or college -it's just as amazing to recant the memories in detail.


There are some pretty cool unicode encryption pieces that you can do In JavaScript as well.

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