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When the Girl is older.

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Well, I've seen a lot of opinions about the guy being a few years older. However, what are everyone's thoughts concerning when the -girl- is older? 15 and 18. I don't think it's too bad. However, it wouldn't be an issue if she was like 30 and the guy was 27. Thoughts.

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Some people feel it's an issue because at 15 and 18 you're at different points in your life, such as at 15, you're concerned about friends/school, things like that.. at 18 you're an adult and usually have a job, car, and are getting your own life together.


27/30 are much more the same stage in life, so that's basically why..


Also, it might be considered rape where you live if the woman is 18, and the guy is 15.

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I, m in 10 yrs. gap. I m 30 and my gf 39+ .


Actually relationship is depend on the faith to each other. I m married and she also but we both r fair to each other. we share our emotions, problems and we have also physical relationship.


This relation between us from a long time of 8 yrs, then i couldnt marriage. She has 2 children. My wife or his husband dont confuse for this. Because we have a faithfull relationship.


So age is not a factor for the relationship



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One of my good friends (actually an ex of mine) is 26 and with a 43-year old woman.


They both have a great time together, though are both aware that it won't be forever, he wants to have natural children and not have the issue also of someone aging so much faster then him (I mean when he is 40 she would be 58, etc).

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well..I don't know anyone close to me who has been or had been in any such relationship but I have heard of many such couples. I think if the couple is comfortable with each other than such age differences don't really matter. I even know about some couples where the girl i taller than the guy and still they are happy and comfortable with each other.


for good health link removed[/i]"]bye xanax

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Well, when I was 21, I was with this guy who was 18. The age difference bothered me a little bit at 1st because I was used 2 being with older guys, or guys who are at least my age. This guy was mature though, so I figured it was ok.


As time passed, I started to be bothered by the age difference even more. There were times I wanted to go to lounges, bars or clubs and couldn't because he wasn't of age. After a while, I lost interest. I think the reason for that was because I thought about it soooo much, I just couldn't get it out of my head.


However, if from the beginning, you BOTH feel ok with the age difference, I think it will work. I was uneasy about it from the beginning but gave it a shot. Try it out, it may work for you.


Good Luck!!!

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