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Who believes in what goes around comes around?

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After being broken hearted, having nc for 31 days now, does anyone believe in what goes around comes around? For some reason because I have been so hurt, I'd like to believe that the way he treated me will eventually return to him..... Does anyone have any stories that they know of? What do you think? Some people get away with hurting and being so cruel.... is there such a thing as karma?

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Yes there is such a thing as karma. Only it never comes in the form expected.


You see my ex put thousands of dollars of debt in my name. He ended up paying that amount in childsupport (garnished from his wages) every year for the last 7 years (the time I've raised our son without him). Now that he is taking over custody he is suprisingly and kindly not charging me for childsupport. So that is why I view the entire thing as karmic. He's actually so happy to have that extra money every month he sees no need to be taking from me. It's a true blessing on my part. He just asks that I pay his activities fees (they're expensive but not nearly as costly as childsupport would be).


I'm sure I could come with more stories but to me this one is the most powerful example I have.

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I agree with Jetta, in that it doesn't come in the form expected. When you are hurt in a relationship, you want the other person to feel the same hurt and pain that you did, but that may or may not happen. I wonder if that was the case, why do we get hurt in the first place? Was it karma for us? Hmmm...

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I believe their are no shortcuts in life. Their is nothing within you of which you can avoid. Somehow someway some day everything will catch up to you in order to face it. Denial will get you only so far.


I think it has more to do with taking care of ones self, then an actual justice/penalty system.


What you resist will persist.

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