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Get Out! - a poem...


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I just wrote this because I cannot get someone out of my head and my heart, though it has been over for...well, a long time... Anyway, This is for all of you who have that stupid someone you just cannot seem to rid yourself of, no matter how hard you try....


Get Out!

I don't want you here

here in my thoughts

here in my heart

here in my dreams

Get Out!


What we had is over

I keep telling myself

but somehow

you manage to barge back in

here where you are not wanted

here where you are wanted


Why can't your memory just

leave me alone?

I tried medicine, books, prayer,

food, not eating, crying,

laughing, begging, nearly dying.

Yet, you are here, still.


I dont want you here

and I dont want to let go.

No one understands how

you could fill my every other thought,

every other word, every other blink of my eyes,

every other heart beat, every other...~sigh~


I want to call you, to write you,

to tell you to get out!

To tell you I love you.

I cannot, I know. I KNOW. I KNOW ALREADY!

Yet, what I know means nothing to me now.

Nothing but memory, longing for what?


The past? The way we fought?

The way that you took all that I gave

and you threw it away?

For all the hrut I caused you?

Is that what I want?

I just want you gone, but you

just linger on and on and on...


My friends say I'm crazy,

the ones that know.

My family thinks everythig is fine now,

I am 'me' - the me they knew

I can hide you in my heart, in my mind.

I can hide you in my soul and in my dreams.


I just wish you would (never) get out....

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