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It's over and done with before it even started.

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After much thinking, I finally put an end to the feelings for my friend. We are going to stay friends. I guess we never broke up considering we were never going out. It ended before anything even happened. I can't help but feel a little empty now that he knows my decision. I also feel free. Happy yet sad. It's a weird combination of feelings. I feel like I led him on for a couple of months even though I did have feelings for him. I guess it's because I just snapped and my decision looked like it changed overnight, even though in the back of my mind I had been thinking about it. #-o

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Why don't you want a relationship with him?

He can get on my nerves more often than most people. I'm honestly not physically attracted to him. And I just can't get over that whole feeling like I'm dating my brother or something. It's that whole good friends bit. He says he feels the same way with the last one, but I don't believe him.

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Hmmm sounds like exactly what has happened to me just a few days ago...


I was going out w/ someone whom I consider to be really special, we went out a couple of years before but nothing more as friends...


Then one day she changed and she actually opened a door for me. A door which signifies that we might be actually a couple... But it never eventuated as she just never felt anything for me...


She said that she tried and I do believe that she did... (Although I sometimes think that she didn't try hard enough). But she just didn't have any feelings for me rather than friends...


I am just thankful that I had the chance of actually being one w/ someone I loved... Everyone in church considered us to be the best couple but what can one person do but just ride along w/ it...


She ended the relationship after one month of going out. But I have no regrets.. She ended the relationship, I didn't... I have the memories... and I haven't changed towards her.. I am still going to be the same Bernz as I was even before I went out w/ her...


Don't fret.. the only thing I can say is that stay friendly w/ him... (mine isn't doing this and it has caused me [past tense] grief) but know your boundaries... make sure he knows that you are in it for the friendship and nothing else.. if you do change your mind in the future... consult first w/ the older people around you and they might be able to give you good advice...


God Bless as well!!!


c",) Bernzie

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