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Erection Problem..PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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OK... me and this girl ive been seing for almost a year now finally decided to have sex last night.... We had been kissing and touchin before hand... during the kissing and all, I had a good erection the hole time, but when we got naked and went to actually have sex, i couldnt get hard enough to get the condom on... I was sooo embarrassed, and it made her feel horrible.. I did eventually get it enough to get it on, but it jus didnt feel right inside... like i wasnt hard enough.... this was my first time, but ive done other things, and never had a problem like this... She wants to try it again, but now im afraid... i don know what to do.....!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey dont worry ive had sex tousands of times and trust me women like a man with confidence. you have to make her believe you know what your doing even if you dont. just try and relax and let yourself go during the whole process. if she decided to have sex with you is becuase she wants to give herself to you dont you think? maybe you should do the same and give yourself to her. just try and have a good sense of what your doing and who you are doing it with. once you do this everything else is just another walk in the park.

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I dont think you need to be alarmed, things like this can happen from time to time. Next time try not to put pressure on yourself and just let it be natural. It can be difficult to put a condom on and distracting at the same time just just take ur time and get used to the whole experience.

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Jay don't panic.


My husband was a virgin at 28! He'd had sex 3 or 4 times. He was 32 when we got together!


1st time we got into bed he was so excited he came before he got anywhere near me. Like you he was embarrassed. I told him it was ok. I understood he couldn't control his feelings they were on overload! I cuddled him and we fell asleep in each others arms.


The next night he was very anxious! We went to bed and like you he wasn't doing too well. He tried to enter me but he was still a little inexperienced. 'Turn over!' I said. 'What?' 'I'm not going to hurt you. Turn over!' I said. That turned him on. I 'slid' down him. He mad this Ahh noise and we had a 'whale' of a time.


Talk to your girlfriend and tell her your concerns. If you're too embarrassed just print this out and ask her to read it.


The more you get tensed up the worse it's going to be.


Let me know how you're doing. You can PM me anytime.


Take care and good luck.

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lol....This is the same situation that I was in about a month ago when me and my gf tried to have sex for the first time. It was no big deal for us because my gf knew it was normal for this to happen to guys sometimes although this was her first time also and she was a bit disappointed cuz she wanted to know how it felt like. We just kept on trying and eventually we got it.

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Honey don't stress over it too much... it happens. I'm not a guy, so I can't quite know... but I do empathize with you. It happens to us girls but in a different way... the mind is willing but the body won't get .. WET. What the heck????


I'd say.. when this happens.. try some more foreplay... and arrousing her... if you can get her going.. then I'm sure you'll be up in no time...


If I were her... I'd try oral... and kisses..and cuddles... and sometimes.. just touching and feeling... will perk things up.


And you know... there are times.. when even after all this... it just HAPPENS... soooo you cuddle...and you call it a night... and you go to sleep holding each other. IT's ok..


Don't stress over it too much. And hey... it was your first time... of course you'll be nervous... I'd be surprised if you weren't. You know what they say.. Practice makes perfect.

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Jay, the important thing is not to panic, otherwise it's even less likely to happen.


It happened to me before, where I lost it due to tension after I had my shirt off and was about to take off my pants. Being the master con artist I am, I decided to just focus on her first, and let her take off my pants after I relaxed a bit and got it going. She didn't know a thing.


Important thing is to not act like there's anything wrong so you still have a chance to regroup. If you like something went wrong, it's very hard to get the moment back.


My guess was that you were slightly nervous about having sex for the first time with this girl, especially since it's been a year.

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