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Am I doing something wrong or is she nuts?

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She is 33 I am 34, we were friends for about 6 months then I asked her out. We went to the movies and skiing together still as just friends. One day she tells me likes being just friends,I said OK. A few days I drove her home and she invited me up , we sat on the couch together and eventually started making out. That was the start of the "serious " part.


A few weeks later she tells me she does not want a serious relationship,I said OK. She continues to invite me over and we continue to make out.


A few weeks later she breaks up with me , but kisses me at the same time she is telling me she does not want to be involved with me, but asks me back after 3 weeks. She then breaks up with me again 3 weeks later. A month later I call her and we talk for 2 hours and she asks me out to a movie.At the movie she gave a lot of mixed signals.


A couple of weeks of mixed signals and I start telling her that I still have feelings for her (I know that was wrong). She tells me she is not intersetd but asks me out two days later and started giving me some serious mixed signals this time. I thought she wanted to get back .She invited me on a camping trip with her friends, but after the trip stopped talking to me.


Three months later we are hanging around again , she starts talking about all the things we should do again. For the next four months she avoids me.I call her to ask whats going on and she tells me she doesnt want to talk to me anymore.


Four months of pretending not to notice one another we meet and spend the whole day together , at the end of the day she tells me it was nice to talk to me and she was glad the anonimyty was over. For the next month she is hot and cold. until she tells a friend that she never wants to talk to me again because I still have feelings for her.


The whole time I have only been a friend ,I have never asked her for one single thing. We have an amazing time together and so much in common that we can talk for hours when she is acting "normal".

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You say you have never asked her for anything, but when you say you have feelings aren't you asking for something? Aren't you asking for her feelings, her attention, her effort, etc.


When it is casual, she is into it. When it is not, she runs like she is being chased by a swarm of bees. What does that tell you?


Read the start of this and see what you might be doing taken even further:


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