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injured shoulder when lifting weights . What should i do ?

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When lifting weights about 2 weeks ago I injured my shoulder . Nothing serious . I can move it around fine without any pain, . . . BUT when I try lifting weights the shoulder hurts a bit ( I can handle the pain, but i'm concerned about injuring it even more ) .


I know the obvious thing to do is stay off the shoulder when lifting, but I need my shoulder to lift .


Any ideas ?

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Give your shoulder more rest. It needs to heal before you go using it again. I've had a slight injury to my shoulder while lifting before. I sat out 2 weeks. Also, when you return lift less weight. If there's pain when you're lifting, that is your body telling you something is wrong. If it persists, see the doc.

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Don't lift through the pain - go to a physiotherapist/sports clinic so they can take a look.


You may have damaged ligaments, or rotator cuff. Lifting through pain can exaberate the injury, leading to long term pain and problems. You may be given a different workout plan to strengthen the shoulder where it is damaged or be told to rest it for a while. But better than permanent injury.

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i'm going to go to the doctor this weekend . What sucks is I really DON' T want to stop lifting . I noticed that I can hardly feel ANY pain right now . When it first happned it hurt quite a bit more .


It' s healing ? So can I continue lifting .

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