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did anyone ever feel this angry?

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these past few months i have pushed so many people out of my life that just weren't worth having there. they didn't care at all about me but claimed to be friends, or had really bad habbits that i don't want to be a part of, and then there are the guys.... i had been seeing/getting to know a couple different guys i haven't had a boyfriend in over a year and a girl gets lonely and just wants to have someone hold her sometimes..but i meet the worst / no morals guys you can imagine and i am the exact opposite. so needless to say i got pretty fed up with people ..and started to close myself off from the world. excluding my family and a few good friends. i have so much pent in anger towards these people that have wronged me that i didn't want to be aroudn anyone ...and i got way too used to it. and finally at work the other day broke down and cried when a coworker said something to me and i misunderstood his meaning behind this.... also let me know your definition of the word ''groupie'' .... so the past two nights i made sure i went out with some people i haven't hung out with in awhile..the first person not a very good choice for someone in my situation ...she talks bad about everyone ...last night though was good ...i laughed so much got to hang out with someone who used to be my best friend who knows me ...and we both grew in good ways since our differences.... but do any of you have any other advise on how to get the anger out without flipping out on people or secluding yourself...the one person i work with mind you i definatly can't loose my job thanks for reading!

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usied - did you have a specific incident that caused you to begin pushing people away? I have issues with "getting close" to people that stem from childhood, and everytime something hard happens in my life (i.e., death, breakup, other personal crisis) I push everyone away to try and deal with my problems alone. This has not been a good method, and I have been actively working on it. If you had people in your life that were deceiving you or not good influences, it is good to have them out of your life, but feeling negative towards them hurts only you, NOT them. Maybe try something positive like yoga or meditation? It seems like you are maybe holding on tightly to the past and it is not letting you move forward. As you said, you have family and close friends who are positive influences in your life, so let them be your anchors right now. Don't let bad memories from your past affect your future. Good luck to you!

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yes i think you have hit the nail on the head.... my mom cheated on my dad and left my family ..i just cant seem to get over that fact..and im better off when i dont hear from her...and another person who i feel left me down ..i see almost everyday at work...sometimes i dont care bc i know hes not who i thought he was... but other times i think of the past and miss him and how i felt so comfortable talking to him about anything and everything ...i miss having that ..i could call him anytime...until he started ''hanging out '' with some other girlsS and yes thats plural ... thanks for your input !

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