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My girlfriend has recently developed tonsil stones.


The big problem about these things are, that they give you really bad breath. She brushes all the time and does what she would normaly do to keep her breath fresh. Its not enough because they still make her breath smell bad. I only have about 30% of my sense of smell on a good day and it still really bothers me. It's suggested to clean them out, but she's very uncomfortable touching the back of her mouth with anything. Also she says it hurts alot to gargle with mouth wash.


I'm trying to be supportive and not push her to gag herself or anything to get rid of this. Its just that everytime we kiss I smell it and it turns me off from wanting to continue kissing her. I don't make a big deal out of it to spare her fealings and I usually don't give her any indication that it's bothering me while we're kissing.


I'm not sure how to deal with this. Should I push her to get past her uncomfortable feelings about removing it herself, or should I do something else.

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has she tried those strips that have mouthwash in them that melt in your mouth?


i also hear brushing your teeth AND your tongue help with bad breath.


also certain hard candies maybe? wow that's a toughie.


but if it bothers you that much...i'd definitely tell her something because im alllll about open communication.


- ivy

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Personally mouthwashes only helped me initially but all the chemical in those mouthwashes usually made my breath even worse. Sure they may be good for your teeth but it certainly didn't help with my breath. I realised that masking the problem wasn't the solution.


Here are some simple steps i took to improve my Bad Breath.


Drink 8-10 glasses of Water each day.

STOP drinking coffee and alcohol or atleast reduce consumption.


I know this sounds too simple but just give it a go. Besided if nothing its good for your health.


Just these 2 steps made a huge difference for me. But for many this wont be enough. For those who what more information visit the link below below for a free report on Bad Breath


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Ok mate I've had this problem and lived right through it to the point where I now have no mal oral odour whatsoever. I have also had tonsil stones and the like. Let me explain to you how it works.


The tonsil stones are made up of things called Volatile Sulphur Compounds. They occur naturaly in the mouth of every human being but become a problem when they become too numerous. It is most certainly not a condition which you are stuck with forever. I shall refer to them as VSC's from now on.


My medical knowledge isn't perfect but I know what I'm talking about when it comes to bad breath so read on.


VSC's are a mixture of anaerobic bacteria (oxygen hating bacteria) and sulphur fumes given off by your stomach's gut acid. When these bacteria and the acid fumes combine they make the horrible smelling compound your lady has in her mouth. They can occur in the tonsils and most importantly of all between the teeth.


There are two culprits to bad breath, one is the bacteria and the other the acid. Here's a list of everyday things that cause excessive acid:


1)Alcohol (also drys the mouth which is bad)

2)Cigarettes (also lower oxygen levels which is bad)


4)Fatty foods

5)Excessive speed when eating

6)Fizzy drinks


Here's a list of things which causes the bacteria to grow:


1)Sugar (cakes and the like, especialy ice cream)

2)Cigarettes (see above)

3)Sugar filled drinks like coke, pepsi, fanta, etc,etc....


The anearobic bacteria feed on the sugar and love the absense of oxygen and also like the absense of light (apparently) they also revel in dryness of the mouth which is why you shouldn't use conventional mouth washes to try and treat bad breath.


Fizzy and sugary drinks are the absolute worst offender for tonsil stones. Why? Because they run loads of dissolved sugar into the cavities in your tonsils which then combines with the excessive gut acid they cause to create VSC's.


The other major issue she will be having are VSC's between her teeth. From my experience it is far more likely noticeable oral odour will be coming from this area rather than stones hidden in the tonsils but that's just my experience. To combat the ones between your teeth you must use dental floss everyday without missing a day. This is vital. Also to remove it from her tongue she needs to get a tongue scraper (ebay, local pharmacist) and also you need to get a mouthwash called Hydrogen Peroxide. It's sold here in the UK already diluted ready for use as a mouthwash, not sure about your territory. Ask your local chemist and they'll know.


So here's what she must do:


1)STOP alcohol, caffeine, sugary and fizzy drinks and ice cream and the like.

2)Scrape her tongue and mouthwash with Hydrogen Peroxide everyday.

3)Stop smoking if she already does.

4)Floss rigourously with a good quality floss everyday. I can recommend Crest Glide Dental Tape (google it).


Do this and over time her tonsil stones will disappear as they won't be being sustained. Mine actually came out of my tonsils after alot of manipulation with my tongue (several weeks sometimes).


Nowadays I hardly have an issue. I don't even need the mouthwash anymore, I just have to floss and avoid sugary drinks and that's from someone who used to have noticeable odour up to two feet away.


Maybe we can make this a sticky topic to help others who have the same problem in the future? I think it's the least the length and detail of my reply warrants?


God Bless

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Are tonsil stones the same thing as calcium deposits. I'm assuming that these are the same things I get, but my doc said they were calcium deposits. All I know is that I get a few every once in awhile, and I notice right away, because it's such a weird smell. That and I can feel them pushing on the tissue. I just wind up picking them out with q-tips and sometimes tweezers (carefully!) Sorry, didn't mean to hijack, but curious to know if it was the same things or not.

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Awww I've never heard of tonsil stones but they sound disgusting.



It gets worse when you do a Google search:


Microscopic studies of these tonsilloliths have shown them to contain a combination of food particles, bacteria, oral debris, and white blood cells in a concentrically laminated pattern --


I have seen people break up over reasons a lot less then these things...

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