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My boyfriend is currently at Military training. He just recently passed his tests and is now able to have weekends off. Well he had this weekend off. He did not call me until late Sat. night. He drank with some of his buddies and went to hooters. When he called me i asked him about girls, and when he said no I believed him. Well I havent talked to him since, and since he has been gone..he has called every night. I think he cheated on me. I am so hurt but I love him so much. I think he is not calling me because of his guilt. What can i do...

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What makes you think he cheated? ONLY because he didn't call you until late Saturday night? I wouldn't jump to that conclusion so quickly without more evidence. Sometimes boyfriends are just busy, particularly for yours as he finally had a weekend off and just happened to have plans, though it's up to you what you think about the place he went to. It doesn't exactly mean he cheated because he went there... At least he called you then and not Sunday or later than that.

But what else makes you think he could have cheated?

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My boyfriend was in the Royal Air Force when I was 16. His attitude was out of sight out of mind! He didn't care when he was away but when he was home he expected to get his leg over. He never ever got sex!


When they're away with the military a lot of men (not all of them) are coerced into doing things they wouldn't normally do by their mates.


Think very carefully about what you want out of life.


I hope everything turns out how you want it to.


Good luck and take care.

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My advice to you would be to really watch his behavior. See if there are other signs that he cheated. It's going to be a real test of your relationship, but if you can get through it it will be great. If you find yourself constantly worrying & hurting & feeling lonely & it's obvious that he's out having a good time, maybe you should reevaluate. The two worst pains are a broken heart & the loss of a loved one. It takes time to heal, but if you can get through that you will see that there's someone out there who will want to spend all of his time with you & who doesn't think about going to hooters with the guys (except, maybe, for those occasional bachelor's parties). It's hard to imagine that there is anyone else out there for you when you are deeply in love. But love shouldn't hurt so much & it shouldn't make you feel this way under any circumstances.

Good luck girl. You can get through this.. I hope for you that things work out with him & that he proves to you that he's not cheating.

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