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please help asap

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well any replies r greatly appreciated. i only have my comp for the rest of the night, then its getting shipped off for 2 weeks. so this is my last chance to get my questions answered for a while....



anyways! ive given up on trying to get the MAP. my bf and i had unprotected sex again and had intentions of taking the MAP. but i coundt go through with it. i started to think...... what if i was to get pregnant the first time, then if i took the map, what would happen..... after a lot of thought i couldnt go through with it.


i talked with my bf about it and he agreed. i also thought.... well, if theres only .1% chance of him having children.... what if that was our one chane ya know........ *shrug*


so i guess, i was wondering, whens the earliest i can take a pregnancy test, and if its a blood test (which it will more than likely be) how early can i go and get that done??


was i wrong to not get the MAP?

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Okay, have you really thought through what you are going to do if you are pregnant. I'm not trying to lecture but you are so young. I had my son when I was 19. He is my world. But looking back, I would have definatly waited a couple of years. I was not ready to be a parent. And you are younger than I was.


You can get a early pregnancy test that will work the day after your first missed period. I think if you go get blood test they can tell sooner.


Whatever you decide to do. Think it through. You still have a lot of growing up to do. Trust me I know. Good Luck....

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i know i have al ot of growing up to do and i know im young but if i am pregnant, this is something i will not regret, and neither will my bf, weve talked A LOT about it lately, and we want to wait to have children, but if it so happens that i am pregnant, then we can handle it. i would not even consider abortion or adoption. like i said, this could be our only chance, and i dont want to ruin it. we're getting married next summer and we know it will be a struggle if we have a baby, but we are both up for it.

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I remember being your age. I also remember that I thought I knew everything. Now I look back I realize I did not have a clue. I know you don't want to here that but it's life.


I also got married young. Have been with my husband for 11 years, we were high school sweethearts. We have a 7 year old. Who we have tried to hold onto our marriage for. We separated once when he turned 21 and went through his friend stage. Which all men will do. We separated again when he went through his not sure what he wants stage.


I am a very patient, and maybe too forgiving person. But we have managed to stay together. We love each other, but we battle everyday to make this work. I think we defiantly got married too young. I did not really figure out who I was until about 24. And it was way different then the person I was at 17.


I'm not saying I know it all, or that this will be your fate. I'm just saying marriage and parenting are hard at any age, add into the equation two people still figuring out who they are. And well it's kind of a stressful event. When these should be exciting, and joyous occasions..

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i can understand where ur coming from. im not claiming that i know everything. honestly i know a lot of my little fantasys wont work out the way i want them, but i do know this....


i love my bf with all my heart. he is my best friend and has stuck by me through thick and thin. if we do have a baby at our age (hes almost 19) our baby will get all the love and support we can give it. i know we wil struggle, and i know it will be so hard to keep up a marriage at our age, but i think with the love that we have for one another (may sound like a fantasy but oh well) , we can make it through most anything. I want to spend every second of time i can with him. especially since we dont know how much time we have. he is my entire world, and i know hes the person who im going to fall asleep next to at night and wake up with the very next morning for the rest of our lives together.



that may sound immature and stupid, but i do believe i could handle the resposibilities. it would be a struggle, but in time, things would work out.

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