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my b/f is sitting here telling me that i'm controlling him when i didnt even say anything to him...but yet i dont control him i just ask where hes going what hes doing and who hes with b/c he has lied to me...but he sits here and i cant even talk to a best guy friend that i have for a year before i even knew my b/f. i just dont understand it...cuz its supposed to be oh so ok for him to go to parties and talk to other girls but yet i cant even go out to dinner with my girlfriend without getting yelled at. i just dont understand

and why do guys sit there and say one day oh i love you so much your the bestest thing to me blah blah blah...but then 2 days later threaten to break up with you just cuz you do something wrong.....PLEASE EXPLAIN IT

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he's insecure and doesn't trust you. i've seen relationships like this before, the guy doesn't let his girl go out so much, but he gets to flirt with every girl he sees at a bar.


from what you said, i don't think you did anything wrong. i think you're giving in to him too much.

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Im very protective of the person im with and love. And as far as asking questions and knowing everything and being jealous...im that same way. But prolly too much for you...lol.


Anyway. Its a 2 way street. If hes not letting you do stuff, Then he better not be doing things either. Because then he's just being a big hippocrite.


I've asked my gfs' to get rid of or do certain things for me. But if they ever asked me for the same things in return. I'd do them in a heartbeat. I dont care...my gf comes first. Sometimes over me.



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Look, you can not use this one guy as a representative of the entire male population.


We did not appoint him to that position. So the title should have been: I don't understand my boyfriend and not guys.


If I say I can jump from a two story building and not get hurt at all...would you believe me? Ok, if I say that I will never call you janis, and turn right around and call you this anyways...what does that prove?


If I say that I love you and then you do some petty thing and I am about to leave you for good...what does that begin to maybe prove?


Look you have to trust your boyfriend. Just establish with him that if he is going somewhere that you would like for him to tell you and such. This way the pressure will be on him and he will not feel like you are babysitting him.


You can't have a mature relationship where it seems that the only reason you are still going out is because you are forcing him to or him you or like you are holding each other the same way you would hold a bird in a cage. Like, don't open the door or it will fly away and never come back...look either you trust them or you don't...what may seem to be working now will just back fire on you in the future when they finnaly get smart enough to do it behind your back anyways.

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