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I hear alot of ppl sayin stuff about women faking orgasms.......how would u even do that? i kno this is a weird quesiton but im just curious


moan like you're climaxing, hold on to him a lot tighter, try to fake some spasms in certain parts of your body and bite his shoulder.

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Ohh not fair.. I was going to say.. "When Harry Met Sally".. lol.. this question comes up in the movie..Billy Crystal tells Meg Ryan.. he KNOWS when a woman fakes..and she said..oh no you don't...and she shows him an ORGASM... and fakes the moans and groans and hair tossing...LOL


I beg to differ with one of the posts... a HARRY MET SALLY orgasm... is POSSIBLE... lol... if you are with the right partner..that knocks your socks off. LOL.


How can u tell??? I have a friend that knows his wife is faking.... because she is missing that little quiver...she used to get from a certain touch... and he just feels it. He feels she's not there anymore. Soooo sad.


However... why FAKE it... I mean.. if you fake it.. how will you ever make it BETTER. ITs better to be honest about it. FAKING it doesn't get you anywhere... doesn't get the guy to change it up. As far as he's concerned he's doing all the right things..and guess what... if you fake it... HE'll keep doing those things..thinking its RIGHT. And you will never have a big "O"




You only cheat yourself. I say.. tell him.. direct him.. show him... because most men who will take the time... want to make you happy..they want you to have a "HARRY MET SALLY" orgasm...


Ok.. not everyone is this boisterous... some women are way quieter I am sure.. I just don't happen to be one of them.


So be honest ladies.. .and let them know.. what and when... let them know what makes you tick.. life is too short to FAKE it.

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i've never faked an orgasm before (as i've never had the need to but my old gf did once when we had a threeway... the other girl in it was only a beginner and didn't really rock her world so she faked an orgasm just so that it would be my turn... and then there was the real thing


trust me, when you hear the real thing and a fake one... you can tell for the rest of your life



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